When you run Microsoft Excel 2021, you’ll note fewer changes than in prior Excel versions. The ribbon on the left side of the screen features the icons Home, New, and Open an Account, Feedback, and Options. This feature is accessible on the right side of the screen and provides Excel lessons for novices. Home, which is automatically configured, enables you to create Blank Workbook (Welcome to Formula Tutorial, Excel, Get more out of PivotTables, PivotTable Tutorial).

Templates are pre-made tables with specialized information, such as the lessons described above and functional tables (Gantt charts, calendars, invoices, and so on) that may be discovered by selecting some more templates. Excel will then shift to New and show all available templates, which you may search for (using the top-right search box) or choose from based on a genre, such as Charts and Budgets, Personal, Business, Financial Management, Trackers, Lists, and Planners.

To make a new worksheet (or spreadsheet), go to Empty Workbook, located in either Home or New.

Return to your original location. There’s also a selection of workbook files organized into three categories: pinned, recent, and shared with me. The most recently launched files are shown under Recent. Pinned displays the “pinned” workbooks that you want to have at all times. To pin a file, hover your mouse over the symbol that appears to the right of each item in the Current edition. As the name says, Shared with Me offers a list of workbooks communicated with you (e.g., your boss has sent you a sheet for editing).

Accounts save info on any users who have signed into Excel (365), as well as the Office version they’re using and any updates they’ve made. You’ll also discover news, licensing management and more here, as well as the ability to make graphic modifications to a full program.

The Open button on the left lets you access files stored on your system, on the cloud, or anywhere else (e.g., SharePoint).

Change Excel configurations (e.g., editor name, Excel language and nature, framework, affecting how Excel works) and install extra applications are among the options (like Solver, an application useful for calculating the output of data as per your specified needs).

You may email Microsoft comments on Excel using the Feedback feature

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