It would be best if you had a plan in mind before you could even start creating a new spreadsheet in Excel. The overall look of the artistic process turns out to be the best and easiest way because you can load the layout from other workbooks you’ve by now formed or from particularly unique workbook files called templates, which give you free the new spreadsheet’s form as well as some standard, or boilerplate, data entries.

You’re ready to start inputting data into your new spreadsheet after you’ve decided on a design. When entering data into a new spreadsheet, you have numerous options for how you want to do it. As a result, this chapter covers all of the data entry techniques — from the most basic to the most advanced — and guides on when each is most suited. This chapter, however, does not cover how to create formulae, which is an important component of the data entering process when establishing a new spreadsheet. The material on formula creation is presented in a separate chapter since this activity is specialized and lengthy.

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