Excel 2021 includes a document recovery option that can assist you in the event of a computer crash caused by a power outage or a freeze or shutdown of the operating system. Your workbooks are saved at regular intervals using the Auto Recover feature. If your computer crashes, Excel will display a Document Recovery task window the next time you open it after rebooting your computer.

The accessible variations of the workbook files available at that time of the system crash are displayed in the Document Recovery Task window. It distinguishes between the original version of the workbook file and when it was saved, as well as the recovered version and when it was saved. Position the mouse pointer over the Auto Recover version of a workbook to open the recovered version (and see how much of the work it contains that was unsaved at the time of the crash). Then, on the pop-up menu, click Open from the drop-down menu. You can save the modifications made to the recovered version by clicking the Save button on the QA (Quick Access) Toolbar or by choosing File Save after you’ve opened it.

Following that, you have the following options:

  • Place your mouse over the recovered version of a workbook, click its drop-down button, and then choose the Save As an option on the pop-up menu to save it without having to open it first.
  • Click the Close button at the bottom of the Document Recovery Task box to permanently abandon the recovered version (leaving you with only the data in the original version). When you click the Close button, an alert dialogue box displays, allowing you to save the restored versions of the file for future review.
  • Before clicking OK, pick the Yes (I Want to View These Files Later) radio choice to keep the files for later viewing.
  • Select the No (Remove These Files. We Have Saved the Files we Need) radio button instead to keep only the original copies of the files indicated in the Task pane.

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