Excel 2021’s mini-toolbar feature, dubbed the mini-bar, makes it simple to apply basic formatting adjustments to a cell selection directly within the Worksheet area. Select the cells that need editing and then right-click any cell choice to bring up the mini-toolbar.

The mini-toolbar displays up or down the shortcut menu for the cell pick.

The majority of the icons from the Font group of the Home tab are found in the mini-toolbar (except for the Underline button). It also has the Configuration group’s Center & Merges and Center buttons and the Number group’s Accounting Numeric Style, Percent Style, Comma Style, Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons. To add the formatting to the current cell choice, try clicking these keys.

Additionally, the Format Painter icon from the Clipboard category of the Home tab is available in the mini-toolbar, which you may use to copy the styling in the selected cell to a cell choice you make.

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