7 soft drinks that stopped being made and returned after consumers demanded

7 soft drinks that stopped being made and returned after consumers demanded

You soft drink they have been around for generations and with each passing period new products are created. Some fans suffer from the removal of some of their products from the market and tend to cry out for soda brands to start producing them again and from time to time it ends up being successful.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will be providing a list of 6 discontinued soft drinks that came back after customer clamors. Check!

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7 soft drinks that have managed to return to the shelves

Discover now the 6 soft drinks that, after being removed from the shelves, managed to come back after the call from customers:

1. Coca-Cola

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Surprisingly, the most popular drink of all disappeared from the shelves in 1985 and was replaced by a sweeter product. Customers were very upset by the news and had a horrific reaction, prompting the company to quickly resume production of its classic drink.

2. Jolt-Cola

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This soda, known to contain a high caffeine content, left the shelves and after the call of the customers, it returned. However, shortly thereafter, this coolant was discontinued again.

3. Sierra Mist

This soda was launched by Pepsi in an effort to compete with Sprite. However, they changed the formulation of the soda, which generated widespread dissatisfaction among fans.

4. “Blow bubbles”

Bubble Up is an American soft drink and was a big hit in several countries, but its original company went bankrupt and the drink was pulled from the shelves. However, shortly after IC Industries bought the brand and continued the production of the soda and it resists until today.

5. arises

It was a big hit in the 90s, but was discontinued in 2003. However, since 2018, this soda has been re-released in limited runs.

6. Clearly Canadian

It was a very controversial drink in the 90s, because it made consumers say it was a healthy drink. However, since it is very tasty, consumers continued to buy. She disappeared for a long time, but now she is back on the shelves.

7. Mirinda

Mirinda is a soft drink produced by the giant PepsiCo. The brand had several flavors, but among all of them, orange was the most sold.

Mirinda orange flavor was marketed in Brazil between 1996 and 1998, but over time it was gradually withdrawn from the market until it was replaced by Sukita, also produced by PepsiCo.

7. Simba

Simba was a popular soft drink in the 2000s. In addition to being delicious, it also stood out for being better value for money compared to other soft drinks of the time. The brand eventually caught the eye of the giants due to its huge success, so it didn’t take long for Coca-Cola to offer to buy the brand, which eventually came to fruition.

For many years it disappeared from the shelves, but apparently it has returned to the market, but it is very difficult to find soda in grocery stores.

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