Alex says Deborah tried to attack him in Record’s dressing room

Alex says Deborah tried to attack him in Record's dressing room

Former ‘A Fazenda 2022’ (RecordTV) pawn Alex Gallete said Deborah Albuquerque and her husband, Bruno Salomão, tried to attack him after he recorded a show. The two were guests of “Hoje em Dia” (RecordTV) and the confusion allegedly occurred in the dressing room where Alex was.

On his Instagram, Alex published a press release: “Unfortunately I come to tell you something not very nice. I was not going to say anything, but as it is already appearing on all the pages, I came to give my version of the facts”.

“After my participation in the program ‘Hoje em Dia’, the participant Deborah – in yet another desperate attempt to appear – wanted to invade my dressing room to attack me. My adviser filmed everything and, as you can see in the video, the producers of Record are trying to prevent their entry”.

“With that, Deborah just shows what I said in the game and on her face after the elimination: everything has to revolve around her. But not with me!”, Concluded the former pawn.

He later appeared in a story-enhancing story video. “I’m here in my dressing room at Record and the two of them, Bruno and Deborah, tried to force this door down here, kicking me, screaming, threatening me. Asking me to scream in his face, to see if I had the courage to speak to their face”.

“I was lucky to be with the producer of Record here, because I don’t know what was going to happen. Soon she, who says she is attacked by Deolane fans, does that. Working with oppression and aggression. Once again, this attempted woman I’m sorry. What I’ve been through here now is ridiculous. This woman who wants to appear at any cost.”

Alex then posted the video which was allegedly made by his publicist at the time. Alex appears seated in the dressing room, while some people hold the door. Deborah’s voice can be heard, along with noises that appear to be knocking on the door.

“No talent! We spat on you. How absurd, people? So she wants to talk about oppression? She wants to be the cause of it, isn’t she my beauty? People , get that woman out of there!”, yells Alex, during the confusion.

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