Android: never charge the phone battery to 100% for THIS reason

Android: never charge the phone battery to 100% for THIS reason

The internet is full of myths and truths about the right way to charge your cell phone. If you have an Android device, understand why you shouldn’t charge your smartphone until the battery is at 100%. The error can cost the quality of it and affect the proper functioning of your device.

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The reason is simple: by charging the device up to 100%, you fill one more cycle battery life. This way it tends to lose quality much faster as it nears the end of that cycle. The trick comes from experts who point out the ideal trick to make the mobile phone withstand the strain much longer.

100% battery

When you fully charge the battery, you can cause serious problems for your cell phone, especially if you have a habit of leaving the device plugged in overnight.

You may have already noticed that your phone looks different, with the performance damaged, so it may have started crashing more often. Stop charging the device until it reaches 100% battery.

Depending on the charge cycles, from zero to one hundred, the mobile phone will have less autonomy. The battery will also last less and wear out faster.

Therefore, the advice is never to charge the device until charging is complete. Always retire a little early. You may not notice any difference at first as this is a slow process. The problem is that charging the device to 100% every time can damage this key part of the device. It will last less.

Some manufacturers advise that the ideal is to maintain up to 80% of the load. It is not necessary to reach 100%. And never leave the phone in the socket overnight because this error will be even more harmful for your device.

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