Brazilian game No Place for Bravery is coming to PC and Switch

Brazilian game No Place for Bravery is coming to PC and Switch

the brazilian game No room for bravery, developed by Glitch Factory, from Brasilia (DF), was released on PC and Nintendo Switch this Thursday (22). It is an action RPG, with pixelated visuals and 2D, which follows an ambitious old warrior in search of his lost daughter.

The game’s combat has strong inspirations in games like souls. The gameplay is fast and punishing, requiring a lot of strategy from the player, especially when it comes to defending themselves.

The story follows Thron, a retired warrior plagued by nightmares. He seeks redemption after finding clues to his missing daughter. So he and his adopted son Phid embark on a journey through Dewr, a world collapsing from war, waged by giants and dragons.

According to the developers, the plot of the game is based on real stories, experienced by the developers themselves. According to them, the game seeks to convey a message about the role of father figures and the consequences of the choices they make.

“That message is shaped by the developers’ personal life experiences, and the game aims to convey those real, resonant feelings with skill and depth,” the team explains.

No room for bravery is available for PC and Nintendo Switch for R$ 49.90. The game is fully localized for Brazilian Portuguese.

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