Career: find out which are the 5 highest paid medical specialties

Career: find out which are the 5 highest paid medical specialties

When talking about the most in-demand occupations, the answer is usually Medication in the first place. Since it is the most valued profession in the field of health, there are several fields for doctors, and obviously not all have the same remuneration. Therefore, we list what are the medical specialties better paid.

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Which medical specialties pay the best?

It is possible to get a voucher salary in all fields of medicine, but the title of specialist can further improve remuneration. For this reason, it is good to know which specialties pay the best before deciding which field to choose.

1. Anesthesia

The anesthesiologist is the one who studies pain and how to relieve the suffering of patients. This professional is responsible for applying anesthesia in various procedures, such as surgeries and certain examinations. Generally, the average salary of an anesthesiologist is R$9,849.00.

2. Hematologist

The hematologist is the doctor responsible for studying blood, its components, diseases that affect blood cells and things of that nature. Today, the average salary of this professional is R$9,900.00.

3. Orthopedist

This specialty is related to the study of the musculoskeletal system, so it is very broad. The orthopedist studies fractures, ligament injuries, dislocations and other such problems. The average salary for this specialty is around R$15,000.

4. Surgeon

It is not uncommon to find doctors who already knew they wanted to be surgeons since graduation, after all, this specialty is quite reputable and has many areas of expertise. As a result, he is among the highest paid, with an average salary of 20,000 BRL.

5. Neurosurgery

Finally, the highest paid medical specialty today is neurosurgery. It is an extremely complex field, and there is currently a very high demand for professionals in this field. The average salary of a neurosurgeon is around R$30,000.

It is important to note that these salary scales can be higher or lower depending on the region and the need for professionals on site. In any case, medicine is a field that hardly suffers from a lack of job opportunities.

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