Forecast for the zodiac sign Leo today, June 21, 2022

Forecast for the zodiac sign Leo today, June 21, 2022

Be careful with the movements of people who work near you, as they will complicate your results and your actions. Don’t miss a thing. Don’t be influenced by others, go straight to the point.Leão

Advice for Leo today

This Tuesday, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, bringing clarity to your ancestral and personal memories. It will take a month to evolve and mature his sensitive and inner world, which will allow Leo to relate to others from a lighter, fluid, participative and detached place.

Characteristics of the Leo zodiac

Lion It is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Its element is fire, just like Aries and Sagittarius.

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the lion is the most dominant zodiac sign among the 12 that make up the horoscope. It is a strong animal that reigns in the savannah and with a majestic halo that guards it and distinguishes it from the others. One of the characteristics of Leos is that like to be admired by the people around them. It’s part of that play between power, nobility, and pride that so many people of this zodiac sign have.

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Leo personality is that they are great friends. They engage in both evil and good and never give up on a friend. Leos are characterized by their loyalty, generosity and protection.

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Good heart, good intentions and good feelings. There are three traits that are usually present in the personality of people who are Leo. Don’t let their roars and imposing appearance fool you, they are very compassionate beings. Especially with those he loves.

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Signature Date : 23/07 to 22/08
Guardian angel: cassiel
Tip of the day / Lucky numbers: 0-37-83-10-26-99-56

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