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Prosecutor Anselmo Lopes, of the MPF in Brasília, filed a public civil action for Caixa to compensate Funcef in the amount of 5 billion reais. The figure is equivalent to the damage caused to the bank employees’ pension fund in illicit investments during the management of the PT.

This is the first such action since Operation Greenfield, one of the descendants of Lava Jato, which uncovered corruption schemes involving the use of funds from pension funds.

In the room, obtained by the antagonistLopes outlines Caixa’s liability for the breach.

Due to political influences, people were chosen by the CEF to occupy key positions at Funcef, aimed at allowing this pension fund to be used in the choice of investments that served the interests of the dominant political groups. , and who would have been rejected if they had been very assiduous administrators and concerned about the Foundation’s heritage”writes the prosecutor.

He keeps on: “It appears that the enormous losses suffered by FUNCEF in the cases investigated in Operation Greenfield were a direct result of the sponsor’s choices. In this context, the reported situation demonstrates Fault of the godfather in the choice concerning the poor choice of the leaders, so that it must answer by its own means for the damage they caused to Funcef.

The objective of the MPF is that the 5 billion reais collected will be used to deduct the extraordinary contributions charged by Funcef to retirees and active participants, “main victims of the crimes committed here described”to fill the void left by previous administrations.

“In anticipation of the trusteeship, the defendant Caixa Econômica Federal is required to pay all the extraordinary contributions currently levied on the participants of Funcef, within the limit of the amounts reached by this public civil action”, ask the lawyer.

Lopes inserts in the request, as evidence, the criminal actions which resulted in the determination of the total value of the damages, adjusted according to inflation. He cites cases FIP Cevix, RG Shipyards, FIP Sondas, FIP OAS Empreendimentos, Salas Ed. OAB, FIP Brasil Petróleo 1, FIP Industrial Operations, FIP Global Equity and FIP Multiner.

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The MPF calls for urgency in the assessment of the file”,because of old age” many victims of the scheme. “They will end up dying without being able to see repaired the damage suffered by the mismanagement of Funcef, suffering, before that, incessant discounts on their pensions.

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