Telemarketers will have to pay for calls made by bots

Telemarketers will have to pay for calls made by bots

Fees will be charged to telemarketing companies by telecom operators for each call answered from the first second.

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This week, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) published another novelty with the aim of strengthening the fight against the practice of abusive telemarketing. Thus, a new rate will be charged to companies in the sector by telecommunications operators for each call answered from the first second.

Previously, there was no charge for calls up to three seconds. According to the regulatory agency, this has created a series of inappropriate calls made by bots – these are “robocalls”, those in which when the person answers, the call is ended within seconds.

Carlos Baigorri, president of Anatel, says the measure is another step to reduce the number of such connections in Brazil.

What changes for the consumer?

It is important to point out that, according to Anatel, there will be no type of user charge.

“Currently, if the person speaks for five seconds, they pay for the five seconds. If you speak 10 minutes, you pay 10 minutes. It is only exempt from payment if it is exactly 3 seconds, and only bots used this feature. Now it’s over,” Baigorri explained.

Anatel Measures

Who proposed the novelty was Emmanoel Campelo, adviser to the agency, who was indignant at the abusive telemarketing calls.

Earlier this month, Campelo pointed out that Anatel “has been taking action since 2019”, first with the ‘Não Me Perturbe’, in addition to the 0303 code, which identifies calls made by call centers.

“Nevertheless, we understand that other more vigorous measures must be put in place to bring this phenomenon under better control,” he stressed. There are telephone lines used to make at least a million calls daily, said the director of Anatel.

“Do not disturb me”

Currently, consumers can register on the “Do Not Disturb Me” site, where it is possible to register telemarketing numbers that no longer wish to receive calls.

However, it takes about 30 days to stop receiving this type of call.

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