Brazil dampen China’s reaction and edge closer to League final

Brazil dampen China's reaction and edge closer to League final

The beginning announced a quiet victory and the vacancy in hand. It wasn’t quite that. After opening 2-0 against one of their biggest rivals, Brazil slowed down, made more mistakes and watched China grow. At the opening of the third stage of the League of Nations, in Sofia in Bulgaria, the selection of Zé Roberto had problems, but finally imposed itself to obtain the victory in 3 sets to 2, partial 25/20, 25/ 23, 18/25, 21/25 and 11/15.

The math says you can’t nail it yet. But, in a nervy classic, Brazil all but made sure in the Nations League finals. With the result, the selection is a triumph of the place. With seven wins and two losses in the competition, Brazil remain firmly at the top of the standings. The team returns to the field this Thursday, at 2 p.m., against South Korea, who have not yet won and occupy the bottom of the competition. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and the age tracks everything in real time.

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Brazil China Volleyball Nations League — Photo: Disclosure/FIVB

The start was perfect. Rocked by Gabi, with 74% success in attack, the selection achieved a perfect first set. Production fell in the streak, yes, but still opened 2-0. China reacted, however. With a good game from the setter Diao, the Asian team also took advantage of Brazilian errors to force the tie-break. In the end, however, Zé Roberto’s side managed to pull themselves together to close out the game.

Gabi was the big name in the game, with 27 points. Kisy, who has grown a lot down the stretch, left the field with 24 points. Li, with 20 points, and Gong, with 18, were the Chinese side’s top scorers.

Zé Roberto sent the team to court with news. Julia Kudiess has been chosen to replace Diana, out of the Nations League home stretch due to surgery. In addition to her, Natinha started as a starter in place of Nyeme, who had been the selection’s libero at the start of the competition. Lorrayna, opposite, also made her competitive debut during the match.

1st set – Gabi sets the pace and Brazil take the lead

Kisy accelerated to score the first point of the match. The results of the first actions were short-lived. In the first good rally of the game, Gabi exploited the block to give the team a 5/4 advantage. Little by little, Brazil managed to take off on the scoreboard. Gabi, blocking, scored 8/5. The pointer, by the way, was the big name of this beginning. After a fine defense, he climbed high to fill out his arm and flesh out. In the first technical timeout, 12/6 for the Brazilians.

China even tried to react to the return to court. But Brazil played one of their best games in the league there. Gabi, unstoppable, led the team to a quiet victory in the partial. Set ball in hand, Zé still sent the backhand on the court, with Roberta and the debutant Lorrayna. The Chinese even prevented the end twice. But Gabi closed the account on 20/25.

Gabi attacks against the Chinese blockade – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

2nd set – China repeat the reaction, but Brazil prevail

Gabi opened the scoring with another fine counter. China tried to balance, but Julia Kudiess, starter for the first time, scored the selection 6/4 on the account. But, in a series of errors, the rivals took the lead in 7/6. The Chinese came to open 9/7, but Brazil took the lead after a rotational error by the Asians. Brazil reached the first technical timeout with 12/10 after an invasion from Diao.

Brazil China Volleyball Nations League — Photo: Disclosure/FIVB

As in the first set, Brazil flew away. After Gabi’s attack, the review caught the bypass on the block. There, Brazil already had 18/13 in the account. But China has arrived. In a series of mistakes by the Brazilians, the gap fell to just one point, at 19/18. In the home stretch, China tied at 23/23. Zé then stopped the game. On the return, an absurd rally, the best of the game. Gabi, coming from the back, filled his hand to give the set point for the selection. Shortly after a reception error from the rivals, the scorer closed the set herself: 25/23.

3rd set – China react and stay alive

China came to court ready to respond. The Asians managed to open early. By Wang’s hands, they made 10/6 on the count. But Brazil went for it. Kisy, in attack, scored 11/10. The reverse itself extended the counter advantage before the technical stoppage. It was Brazil’s turn to park. In Yuan’s lock on Pri Daroit, 16/14 for rivals.

Unlike the other partials, Brazil started making a lot of mistakes. So, this opened the space for China to open 21/17 on the scoreboard. By picking up the pace and leaving no room for reaction, the rivals managed to win for the first time in the game. In the end, 25/18 to close the set and force the fourth set.

4th set – Brazil get lost in mistakes and leave everything the same

A game from Gong opened the scoring in the fourth set. China followed suit in the face of Brazilian mistakes, which had not happened until then. Ze has changed. He sent Julia Bergmann and Roberta to court. Still, the Chinese reached 16/12 on the scoreboard. It was an even more nervous match at that time. When Gong got a fresh start to score 18/14, Zé asked for a new time to clean the house.

Brazil China League of Nations — Photo: Disclosure/FIVB

But China got it wrong again. In two points given for free by their rivals, Brazil saw the gap narrow to a single point: 18/17. The Chinese managed to take off once again. This good start was no longer valid. Brazil, despite the effort, saw any chance of a reaction fall to a high number of errors: 25/21.

5th set – Brazil wins at the end and closes the account

Brazil took advantage of the tie-break with an ace from Carol, scoring 4/2. The Chinese managed to equalise, but it was still a nervous game. Macris had to go under the net to save a ball. On the return, Chinese error to give 7/5 to the Brazilians. This is the password that Brazil pulled. With Gabi, it opened on 10/6.

Yes, but China is back. With three points in a row, he made the difference become minimal: 10/9. Zé Roberto stopped the match again. It worked. On the return, the selection managed to open up again in the block of Kisy, with 12/9 on the scoreboard. In Gabi’s ace, the match point. China still managed to avoid one, but did not stop the fall in the end: 11/15.

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