Fast Shop confirms attempted break-in, but denies closed stores and leaks

Fast Shop confirms attempted break-in, but denies closed stores and leaks

Update 06/23/2022 16:55: A few hours after the publications on social networks, on the night of this Wednesday (22), Fast Shop took the floor to deny the closure of stores and the suspension of e-commerce orders due to a cybercriminal attack. In a statement, the company said it identified an attempt to gain unauthorized access to its systems that resulted in outages to the website and application, without harming physical drives and customer data.

The press release says stores are operating regularly across the country, while at the time of this writing, e-commerce and the Fast Shop app are also live. The company also states that its entire information base is subject to strict security processes, with no evidence of user information being compromised, while the temporary unavailability is a result of the activation of protection protocols. .

See the full statement:

Fast Shop informs that it has identified an attempt of unauthorized access to company systems. As a prevention, the company has activated the security protocols, and for this reason, the website and the application were temporarily unavailable, but they are already restored and working normally. We emphasize that all stores remain open and operating regularly throughout the country. We emphasize that the entire company information base is subject to strict security processes and that there is no evidence of damage to our customers’ data.

In the meantime, on Twitter, messages published on Wednesday evoking the closing of stores, as well as posts in English which would have been held by the criminals responsible for the attempted attack, have been deleted. The company has not spoken further or commented on the invasion of its profile on the social network.

Original note on the Fast Shop case:

The Fast Shop chain would have been the victim of a cybercriminal attack on the night of this Wednesday (22). The hit allegedly hit internal infrastructure and technology systems, as well as the company’s user data and corporate information; even retail platforms have reportedly been impacted, with the company announcing store closures and suspension of e-commerce orders until early next week.

All information about the case is shared by Twitter, through which the network initially announced the cessation of activities. About an hour after the official release, the company’s social media account also appeared compromised, with those responsible for the alleged attack giving more details about what was compromised and even posting a Telegram link where negotiations on the case could take place.

Post on Twitter by Fast Shop announces store closures and suspension of e-commerce orders; information about the alleged attack came later, supposedly at the hands of the attackers themselves (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

According to the publication, the coup took place three days before publication – that is, Sunday (19) – affecting both Fast Shop’s IT systems and cloud computing infrastructure. Information on the Amazon Web Services, Azure and IBM platforms would have been consulted, among other things, which would have made it possible to obtain source code, user data and company information.

Although the company does not publicly confirm the attack, a post made by the alleged perpetrators on the store’s own Twitter gives details and talks about negotiation (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

Until this Thursday morning (23), at the time of writing this report, Fast Shop’s website was still online and without defacements, but it was having trouble displaying banners and other prominent elements. . On mobile, the iOS store application does not display products and internal screens, while it seems to load normally on Android. In contrast, the network’s pages on other social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, do not post messages on behalf of those responsible for the alleged attack, nor do they officially discuss it.

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