DF: A girl is going to have surgery after applying glue to her eye

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Playing with a tube of glue, a 2-year-old child glued the eye with the equipment and had to be taken to hospital. The case took place last Thursday, 16, in Ceilândia, in the Federal District. According to family members, the girl took the product off the table, tried to clean herself and ended up rubbing the product on her face, leaving her eyes glued together.

After several attempts in public hospitals, the girl’s family decided to undergo tests in a specialized clinic, and the girl will have to undergo a surgery in the right eye. according Metropolis portalthe pediatric ophthalmologist Tiago Ribeiro, who works at the Visão Hospital de Olhos clinic, must operate on the child free of charge.

“He already stuck his right eye right away. The fingers of his hands were also all stuck together. It was something very quick,” he said. G1 District Federathe child’s godmother, Lia Lucena.

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The woman said that when she became aware of the girl’s situation on Thursday afternoon, she sought treatment. According to her, the young girl was first taken to the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu): “We were told that this type of incident was only taken care of at the Hospital”.

Arriving at the other health unit, the doctor advised that the care available at that time would not be effective in dealing with the girl’s problem. “The orientation was that we put soda in his eyes and his hands and make a compress with lukewarm water. We rubbed the product on our hands and the fingers came off, but we weren’t going to applying it to her eyes wouldn’t risk causing a bigger problem,” Leah explained.

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