Check the Step by Step Guide to Increase Nubank Card Limit

Check the Step by Step Guide to Increase Nubank Card Limit

The convenience that fintechs have promoted with their digital platforms has transformed the financial system worldwide. From now on, banking services are accessible at any time, and above all, wherever you are with your mobile phone and your Internet access.

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Increasing your credit card limit through the app is very easy and you don’t need to contact anyone. Nubank offers great app options, with in-app flexibility and guidance, seeking to provide benefits for users who keep money in their account.

Increase your Nubank credit card limit in just a few steps via the app

1st step : Open the Nubank app and navigate to the ”Credit Card” option and click on ”Adjust Limit”.

2nd step: Click on the ”Request a raise” button and enter the amount you wish to receive or select one of the available options.

3rd step: Click the arrow to advance the screen.

4th step: Choose the reason for the credit limit increase.

5th stage: The analysis of the request will be carried out and in a few minutes you will receive a notification.

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