Report: Marcel Rizzo – Corinthians can be punished after fan snatches money from La Bombonera

Report: Marcel Rizzo - Corinthians can be punished after fan snatches money from La Bombonera

Conmebol’s Disciplinary Unit must analyze an image in which Corinthians fans tear up Argentinian peso banknotes and throw them at Argentinians during the match between the Brazilian club and Boca Juniors on Tuesday night (5) at La Bombonera stadium, in Buenos Aires. Corinthians prevailed 6-5 on penalties, after 0-0 in regulation time, and advanced to the Libertadores quarter-finals.

The act is seen as provocative by Argentines for citing the devaluation of their currency against the real – the country is experiencing economic chaos. Corinthians have already been fined US$30,000 (R$162,000) in this Libertadores for a similar act that occurred during the match against Boca at Bombonera in the group stage on May 17. The club has been governed by article 10.2, point D, of the Disciplinary Code, which deals with the attitudes of supporters that can generate sanctions for Libertadores participants.

The text specifies that a sanction can be pronounced if “the use of gestures, words, objects or other means to convey any inappropriate message during a sporting event, in particular of a political, offensive or provocative nature” is observed. In the June 24 decision, the president of the Conmebol disciplinary court, Eduardo Gross Brown, understood that the gestures characterized provocative political messages from Brazilians to Argentines.

In the same match, Boca was fined US$100,000 (R$542,000) for racist acts committed by fans who imitated the Brazilians from monkeys. The court also forced the Argentine club into the pitch during Tuesday’s game with a banner reading “enough racism”, with the same message displayed on the screen at the Bombonera throughout the match. There were no traces of racist acts on Tuesday.

Fortaleza fans were already caught ripping off pesos against the Argentines in the match against River Plate on April 13. There has been no complaint to the Brazilian club in this case. During the same confrontation, a River fan threw a banana at the Brazilians and the club was fined US$30,000 based on Article 17 of the Disciplinary Code, which deals with discrimination.

If Corinthians are punished again, for being a repeat offender, they may receive a higher fine, but there is no risk of having to play matches behind closed doors or a prohibited part of the Neo Química Arena. The case does not fall under the discrimination article, which saw its sentences hardened after the racist acts recorded in 2022 in the Conmebol tournaments.

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