Nubank: the bank releases 50 r$ for new customers; know how to get

Nubank: the bank releases 50 r$ for new customers;  know how to get

O Nubank is known as the bank of innovation and always seeks to facilitate the daily life of users. A few months ago, the fintech launched the credit card with a limit of R$ 50 for new customers. The service is free of rent or abusive charges.

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Although the card’s limit is low, the idea behind the service is to provide access to credit to those who find it difficult to get approved with a higher limit, either because they have a low score, do not have a sufficient financial history or have just left. of any negativity.

Nubank card with a limit of 50 BRL

Once the card is released, better known as “roxinho”, a pre-approved limit is offered. In the case of the R$ 50 card, the user has the possibility of increasing this balance as he uses the tool.

This way of getting the card not only guarantees access to the credit feature but also allows customers to increase the limit as they use the tool. See below some tips to increase Nubank card limit faster!

5 surefire tips that will increase your card limit faster

See below for suggested behaviors that can be adopted with the Nubank card and that allow the tool to evolve in a more agile way:

  1. Pay the bill on time;
  2. Focus your spending on the card;
  3. Keep the name proper;
  4. Create a good relationship with Nubank;
  5. Keep the data always up to date, especially those related to income.

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