Mega-Sena has a price tag of 3.1 million reais; see the numbers drawn

Mega-Sena pulled numbers;  the price today is 5.5 million reais

Numbers 04-10-15-39-41-49 were designed by Caixa in the Mega-Sena 2511 contest, held on Wednesday night (17), in São Paulo. Whoever reaches all tens will win a main prize of R$3,191,408.35.

If there are winning bets, they will be announced by the bank shortly on the Mega-Sena website.

How to participate in the next Mega-Sena draw?

You must place a bet of six to 15 numbers at Caixa’s ID lotteries or on the bank’s special lottery website. All bets registered until 7:00 p.m. on the day of the draw participate in the next competition.

How much does it cost to bet on Mega-Sena?

It depends on how many numbers you intend to put in the game. The minimum bet now costs R$ 4.50, and you are allowed to choose six tens from 1 to 60. If you want to place an additional number to increase the chances of winning, the price of the game goes up to R$ 31.50. In the most expensive scenario, with 15 numbers on the wheel, the bet costs BRL 22,522.50.

What have been the biggest prizes in regular Mega-Sena contests?

  • 2150, 05/11/2019, 1 winning bet; total price : R$289.4 million
  • 2237, 27/02/2020; of them winning bets; total price : R$211.6 million
  • 1764, 11/25/2015; 1 winning bet; total price : R$205.3 million
  • 1772, 2015-12-22; of them winning bets; total price : R$197.4 million
  • 2463, 2022-03-19; of them winning bets; total price : R$189.3 million
  • 1655, 2014-11-22; of them winning bets; total price : R$135.3 million
  • 2161, 2019-06-19; 1 winning bet; total price : R$124.2 million
  • 2,189, 09/18/2019: 1 winning bet; total price : R$120 million
  • 1220, 2010-10-06; 1 winning bet; total price : R$119.1 million
  • 1486, 2022-05-31; 1 winning bet; total price : R$117.5 million
  • 1575, 2014-02-19; 1 winning bet; total price : R$111.5 million

And what are my chances of winning the Mega-Sena?

It also varies depending on the number of tens in your bet. With the smallest (R$4.50), with six numbers, the chance of hitting all the balls drawn and winning the biggest prize is one in 50,063,860. By playing an extra ten (R$31, 50), the probability increases. It becomes one in 7,151,980. Whoever is willing to pay more than R$22,500 on the bet with 15 tens will have a one in 10,003 chance of hooking everything and becoming a millionaire.

How does the pool that Caixa sells at lottery outlets work?

These draws are organized by Caixa accredited lottery outlets. These are group bets with a stipulated minimum prize of R$10 in the case of Mega-Sena. The mandatory minimum fee per participant is R$ 5. In this modality, there may be an additional service fee of 35% of the quota value. The Mega-Sena pool allows from 2 to 100 actions. In each pool, it is possible to place ten different bets.

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