PIS/Pasep and FGTS: find out if you have money to receive from the government

PIS/Pasep and FGTS: find out if you have money to receive from the government

the calendar of extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS has already ended, allowing 42 million workers to access a balance of up to R$1,000 from linked accounts. But what few people know is that there are other ways to redeem the resources of the severance compensation fund (FGTS) and PIS/Pasep salary bonus. Check!

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Withdrawal of PIS/Pasep 2019 and 2020

Those who lost the PIS/Pasep wage allowance for the years 2019 and 2020 can still redeem the amounts, which can reach R$1,100 and R$1,212 respectively. The withdrawal of funds can be made until December 29.

The consultation to find out if you are entitled to one of the rounds, or to both, is done via the Digital Work Card application or by telephone on 158.

In the event of withdrawal of the allowance for the reference year 2019, the request for reissuance can be made to one of the regional units of the Ministry of Labor or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] (Instead of the “uf”, the worker simply puts the acronym of the state in which he resides).

PIS/Pasep quotas

The funds are intended for workers who worked with a formal contract between 1971 and 1988, but who at the time did not recover the money from the old PIS/Pasep quota. The modality applies to both those who have worked in the private sector and in the public sphere.

According to the government, the forgotten amount reaches 23.5 billion reais, which can be consulted via the FGTS application, where the money was sent after the PIS/Pasep fund was extinguished.

In the event of the death of the account holder, the heirs or dependents can withdraw the money. The amounts are varied and can exceed the average of R$3,000.

FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal

Another option to secure additional income is to FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal. Thanks to this modality, the worker can withdraw part of the accumulated balance of active or inactive accounts once a year.

Check 2022 Birthday Loot Calendar:

birthday month Payment between
January January 3 and March 31
February February 1 and April 29
March March 2 and May 31
April April 1 and June 30
May May 2 and July 29
June June 1 and August 31
July July 1 and September 30
August August 1 and October 31
September September 1 and November 30
October October 3 and December 30
November November 1 and January 31, 2023
December December 1 and February 28, 2023

Regarding the amount, the maximum amount to withdraw depends on the accumulated balance. Check:

Assess | authorized withdrawal | additional payment
Up to BRL500 50% of the balance
Between 500.01 BRL and 1,000 BRL 40% of the balance BRL50
Between 1,000.01 BRL and 5,000 BRL 30% of the balance BRL150
Between 5,000.01 BRL and 10,000 BRL 20% of the balance BRL650
Between 10,000.01 BRL and 15,000 BRL 15% of the balance BRL1,150
Between 15,000.01 BRL and 20,000 BRL 10% of balance BRL1,900
Above BRL 20,000.01 5% of balance BRL2,900

Access to birthday loot requires worker membership. The application is available on the FGTS app or website.

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