Does texting outside of working hours save you overtime? see your rights

Does texting outside of working hours save you overtime?  see your rights

The clock says 6:00 p.m. It’s the end of the day, but the firm’s WhatsApp group is still in full swing. Faced with this, the worker does not know whether or not he is obliged to respond. If yes, does posting out of hours earn overtime? Understand what to do so you don’t bring the service home and hurt yourself with the company.

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The Internet has upset working relationships and everything seems to be “for yesterday”. Even when the worker returns home, after working hours, he occasionally finds himself solving Dependencies of the position through groups of messages.

Message outside working hours

Rules for using messaging apps should be included in the employment contract and internal rules, so everyone knows how and when the tool can be used.

But it is clear that many companies and employees leave this concern aside. The WhatsApp group created to facilitate Communication between employees and the company can become a big headache.

After-hours messaging should be used with great caution, after all, urgent situations should be handled with calls that ensure the other person is aware of what is going on at the moment.

Thus, no employee is obliged to join company groups. And not even answering messages, especially outside office hours! When the person is out of working hours, it is up to him to decide whether or not to respond to messages. It’s always good for everyone to have common sense.

Even if messages outside working hours are frequent and take up a large part of the employee’s time, the latter may be paid and entitled to overtime.

Thus, if the employee performs the tasks outside working hours, he must be paid for the trip! If the company refuses to pay, the employee can go to the labor court. Even messages sent by messaging apps are considered evidence.

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