Can a fridge be pawned? See what’s on the debt list

Can a fridge be pawned?  See what's on the debt list

Having a debt is not a comfortable situation for the person who owes it or for the person who expects to receive his money. It’s even worse when goods come into play. Did you know that even a fridge can be pawned? Check out other items that also make the list.

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The risk of having something in pledge knocks at the door of many Brazilians, mainly because most families are in debt. The main reason behind this is the current economic scenario and the unemploymentfactors that hampered the budget.

refrigerator attached

The refrigerator is not the only one that can be seized in the event of over-indebtedness. If the creditor goes to court, the judge can order the entry of other assets as part of the release. By law, movable property is generally included in the list.

When the debt is overdue, for example, it can be pledged the sums available in the accounts of the indebted person. On the other hand, when it comes to a private company, the collection must be brought before the courts, because the rule changes.

Thus, when the bailiff goes to the home or business of the person who has a debt, he assesses which goods can be pledged.

But the pledge can be canceled when the person manages to pay the debt before the auction, so don’t worry. In fact, this is the main guideline for anyone to get hurt.

Despite this, it is important to remember that not all property can be pledged, for example, a car used as a means of transport guaranteeing the family’s livelihood must be left out.

Moreover, the residence where the family lives is also irrelevant. It is not subject to seizure because it is the debtor’s only residential property, i.e. the minimum essential does not enter the list.

Expert advice is always to find ways to negotiate the debt with the company and avoid the need for foreclosure, as it is easier to find a good way to pay off the debt without putting any assets at risk.

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