day of debates on the state management of the SUS ends with an episode on the audit and federal transfers to the SUS |

day of debates on the state management of the SUS ends with an episode on the audit and federal transfers to the SUS |

With the goal of being a space for learning and knowledge exchange about the Unified Health System (SUS) and a tool to help state attorneys for the health sector gain a broad perspective on public health policy issues, as well as a successful day of debate ended today.

With more than 170 participants and coordinated by Conass technical advisers, Alethele Santos and Edson Pistori, the 8O and the last episode took place with the theme Federal Transfers to SUS and Audit, with Marcelo Aragão, Secretary General of the External Control Secretariat – Health of the Federal Court of Auditors (Secexsaúde). “Conass has been an excellent partner in the debate on public policies with the Court. It is good to know that we have a common goal: to improve the Brazilian health system,” he said in his opening speech.

Marcelo talks about the importance of this trip as a strategy to show how public policies work in the field of health. “We want to promote the improvement of the management of health organizations and entities, focusing on the efficiency and quality of the services provided”.

What needs to be done?

For him, it is essential to create global indicators to assess the quality and level of coverage of SUS care. “These indicators should identify assistance needs in the health system, represent regional differences, contain access and outcome indicators, and allow assessment of the overall outcome index,” he said. .

Marcelo explains that it is important to regulate the legal criteria for the distribution of federal resources related to health, in order to reconsider the federal, state and municipal competences within the framework of the SUS. “This measure is necessary to integrate the financial incentives offered by the Department of Health, reducing the excess of existing rules on federal financial transfers,” he said.

He also said that detailing the competences of the three levels of government avoids overlapping responsibilities and allows the precise identification of the executive and financial responsibilities of each entity in terms of health actions and services.

TCU’s strategic objectives in health were highlighted during the presentation, in addition to Secexsaúde’s actions and initiatives in the SUS strategic themes. The presentation is available here.

For the President of Conass, the presentation showed that health systems must evolve with regard to the regulatory model and that the SUS has many challenges to overcome. “I believe that with state agencies we can build paths of consolidation,” he concluded. At the end, Nésio praised the day’s presentations, found them to be enriching, bringing a different perspective for the future of health. Check out previous episodes.

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