Struggling for something to eat, elderly woman cries in live interview and brings reporter to tears

Struggling for something to eat, elderly woman cries in live interview and brings reporter to tears

An elderly woman from the northern zone of Rio cried during a report, live on RJ1 this tuesday (21), the difficulty of feeding the family. The drama also moved the journalist interviewing him to tears. (look above).

Janete Evaristo was one of the many people this morning in line for the Prato Feito Carioca do Andaraí. The program, managed by the city of Rio de Janeiro, distributes meals to those who have nothing to eat — and that was the situation at Dona Janete, on the neighboring Morro dos Macacos.

She is unemployed and still has four mouths to feed: a daughter died two years ago, her husband six months ago.

The old woman became emotional remembering the deceased parents. At this point, journalist Lívia Torres interrupted the interview, but Janete again asked to speak – now to report the difficulty of putting food on the table.

“On Sunday, we had nothing to eat. I am unemployed, it is very difficult. I pick up cans, but I can’t. I don’t have the help of many people, so Sunday we really had nothing. It’s very difficult,” she said, crying again and wiping her face.

The journalist was also moved to tears.

The Hunger Map points out that, only in the state of Rio de Janeiro, more than 1.2 million people do not have access to food enough on the table. The data equals 6.8% of the entire population.

Janete Evaristo gets emotional as she says she doesn’t have to eat — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Also at the Andaraí Prato Feito Carioca was Priciane Alexandre, 30, a resident of Morro dos Macacos and mother of two daughters. She says the pandemic has made things worse for the family, to the point that everyone has lost weight.

“The heart was breaking. I was nervous, stressed knowing that the moment of not having food was coming,” Priciane said.

A month ago, Prisciane lost her grandmother, who took care of her brother, who has special needs, and took over custody of the boy. Gradually, she tries to turn the tide with the help of government allowances and odd jobs.

What is food insecurity

Priciane Alexandre said the family came to lose weight because they didn’t have enough to eat — Photo: Cristina Boeckel/g1 Rio

This Tuesday, Rio City Hall opened the first two popular kitchens in Prato Feito Carioca, in Mangueira and Renascença Clube. The project aims to reduce the food insecurity of people in a situation of social vulnerability in the capital Rio de Janeiro.

“It’s a great drama that Brazil seemed to have overcome, but we are facing it again. The idea is to bring food made close to homes. We will guarantee for people in situations of social vulnerability in Rio ” , Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) said of the project.

The community kitchens that are part of the project will be spread across the city, where pre-registered individuals and families will have access to a free daily meal.

The forecast of the Municipal Social Assistance Secretariat (SMAS) is that between next Thursday (23) and July 2, 13 more community kitchens will open their doors. The idea is that, in one year, 55 kitchens will be set up.

The public who will have the right to receive the meals prepared by the kitchens has been selected among the families in vulnerable situations served by the 47 Social Assistance Reference Centers (Cras) in Rio. Those selected will be able to take their meals in the kitchens closest to their place of residence.

In addition to the kitchens, the project provides for the distribution of monthly meal cards to families in difficulty.

The program has an investment of 68 million reais and a total forecast of 6 million meals served in one year.

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