Gabi Martins Returns, Reveals She’s Removing Tattoo Honoring Tierry: ‘Do Another Over It’

Gabi Martins Returns, Reveals She's Removing Tattoo Honoring Tierry: 'Do Another Over It'


Gabi Martins said last week that she would leave the tattoos she had done in honor of her ex-boyfriend, Tierry, on her body, but ended up changing her mind.

Gabi Martins talks about the decision to remove tattoos done for Tierry
© Reading / RedeTV!Gabi Martins talks about the decision to remove tattoos done for Tierry

In an interview with ‘TV Fama’ this Tuesday (21) the ex-sister Gaby Martins exclusively reveals that she intends to erase the tattoo made in honor of her ex-boyfriend Tierry. During the conversation, the blonde confesses that she regretted having marked on her skin the relationship of just over a year that she lived next to the sertanejo..

A few days after declaring that she had no intention of erasing the tattoo with the words “I love you”, the singer returns and guarantees“I decided that now I intended to do another one on top. I changed my mind. I thought of ‘I love you Jesus’ who is always loved”.

Single since January, when she announced the end of her relationship with the singer., Gabi was quite honest in the interview, where she also says that she won’t be doing dedicated tattoos for future business. “[Para] No one else, never again,” he says.

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The art chosen by the two was the periodic table symbol ‘O2’, which alluded to oxygen, in reference to the music of the duo Matheus and Kauan, which was at the time the couple’s soundtrack. Three months later, Tierry decides to pay tribute to his loved ones, this time he chooses to draw Gabi’s eye on his arm, at the same time the two tattoo the inscription ‘I love you’ on their wrists.

Time passed and the relationship ended in January of this year, but contrary to what everyone imagines, GAbi Martins has no regrets honoring her ex-boyfriend. In an interview with the Gshow portal, the singer said: “I have two tattoos: O2 and Te amo. I still have it and I have no intention of taking it off, because that was the moment I was living. I surrender and it will be marked. I have no intention of removing it, I am not one of those people”.

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