Fuel prices fall at gas stations; Gasoline falls to lowest value since February 2021

Fuel prices fall at gas stations;  Gasoline falls to lowest value since February 2021

The prices of gasoline, diesel and ethanol have fallen further at service stations this week, according to data from the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) published this Friday (26 ).

According to the ANP survey, the average price of a liter of petrol fell from R$5.4 to R$5.25, a decrease of 2.8%. This is the lowest level since the week ended February 27 last year (R$5.17). The maximum value found at the stations was R$ 7.00.

This is the ninth consecutive decline in the price of gasoline, according to the agency.

Last week, the ANP republished the price survey after an attempted cyberattack caused the agency’s systems to go offline for weeks.

The average value of a liter of diesel fell from R$ 7.05 to R$ 6.93, a reduction of 2%. This is the lowest price since the week ended June 18, 2022 (R$6.91). The highest value found by the agency was R$8,810.

Finally, the average price of ethanol fell from R$3.98 to R$3.84, a drop of 3.5%. The investigation even found an offer of ethanol for a maximum of R$ 6.99.

In June, the prices per liter of diesel and gasoline reached the highest nominal values ​​paid by consumers for fuel since the ANP began carrying out a weekly price survey in 2004.

The reduction in fuels is feeling the effect of the limitation of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) adopted by the states after the draft which creates a cap for the tax on items such as diesel, gasoline, electricity, communications and utilities. transport was sanctioned.

According to the text, these items are classified as essential and indispensable, which prevents states from charging a rate higher than the general rate, which varies from 17% to 18%, depending on the location. Until then, the fuels and other goods from which the project benefited were considered superfluous and remunerated, in certain States, up to 30% ICMS.

In addition, Petrobras has promoted successive reductions in the selling prices of gasoline and diesel for refineries. Last week, for example, the public company lowered the price of gasoline sold to distributors by 4.85%. The price per liter goes from R$ 3.71 to R$ 3.53 per litre.

Petrobras announces another drop in gasoline prices

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