Guta Stresser details treatment with drugs available in SUS and cannabidiol

Guta Stresser details treatment with drugs available in SUS and cannabidiol

Guta Stresser, 49, recently revealed that being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis was “terrifying”.

The actress, best known for playing Bebel in ‘A Grande Família’ (TV Globo), discovered the chronic, incurable, progressive, autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation and neuronal loss about 1 year ago and is currently being treated by the SUS. single system).

The immunomodulator Dimethyl Fumarate, an expensive and difficult to access drug used by Guta, would cost around R$6,000 in the private network.

“I’m super closed with the SUS pharmacy. This drug access mechanism works very well […] When we talk about multiple sclerosis, we must remember that there are several types of disease and several types of drugs to treat it, and not everyone adapts to the same drug. At first, for example, I had a reaction and my skin was very red, I was hot. My doctor told me to insist and over time I adapted,” he told O Globo in an interview.

In addition to the immunomodulator, Guta also used cannabidiol oil in his treatment. The substance comes from the cannabis plant.

“Canadibiol comes more like a friend. I strongly believe in the power of cannabis to reduce certain problems. I hear many testimonials from people who feel the same with the use of canadibiol”, says the artist.

discovery of the disease

The actress discovered she had brain damage in early 2021 after undergoing an MRI. At first, he only shared the diagnosis with his family and his partner, musician André Paixão. She says she was afraid of losing her job because of the stigma of the disease.

Guta realized ‘something was wrong’ shortly before taking part in the ‘Celebrity Dance’ in 2020. She fell at home ‘as if suddenly losing the strength in her own legs “, she reports.

The actress began having difficulty with motor coordination and forgetting basic words, in addition to feeling dizzy and suffering from a ringing in her ear. Initially he thought it was labyrinthitis, but tests showed the diagnosis was different.

“There are times when the body seems to rust and the muscle hardens, so you have to be on the move. It’s a structural problem, because I need to do gymnastics, physiotherapy and self-analysis Practices that must be done with the right and left side of the body, alternating, that’s good, because they also exercise the brain,” explains the actress.

I went back to reading more carefully. I don’t stop a book halfway through, to train concentration. For me, the pains and all the symptoms really increase in the summer when it’s hot. With Ana (Beatriz Nogueira), I learned a lot. She has a lot of knowledge about the disease and she welcomed me a lot and reassured me on the professional question. Ana said to me at that time: ‘Can’t you see that I’m still working, my daughter?’

Help from Ana Beatriz Nogueira

The first person outside the family with whom Guta shared the diagnosis was actress Ana Beatriz Nogueira, who has had the same type of disease, in a relapsing-remitting form, since 2009. The two acted together in “Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras”, in 2018

There is still a lot of ignorance and prejudice about the disease. AND It was very important to open up to Ana. The moment I told her, she made me laugh so much on the phone… It was wonderful! She asked me to see the acronym of my disease and confirmed that we had the same type. And then he said, ‘Do you remember me walking backstage at ‘Malhação’ with a thermos bag full of cold soda? So it’s because the heat, for us, is a horrible business”. Guta Stressing in Veja

The actress also said she was touched by the “outpouring of affection” received from friends and fans.

“When I read everything, I always start to burst into tears and I need to put it out. When I go through a process of sadness, which is this scary diagnosis, I’m hit by the ‘counterwave’ of affection and affection, something that is priceless”.

50th anniversary

After the fear of revealing the disease, she thinks talking openly about multiple sclerosis helps minimize the stigma.

A fear goes through my head, like, hey, are people going to stop calling me at work because they’re going to think, “Oh, Guta has multiple sclerosis.” It is a fear. My work is my own body. I need to memorize a text or raise a glass or take ten steps without falling (laughs). I was, yes, afraid that people would be prejudiced and wouldn’t give me the opportunity to work anymore. Being an actress is my livelihood.

“I was very afraid to open the disease. But today I think that what does not kill me makes me stronger. Now I feel stronger, in a way. There are many people who also have multiple sclerosis and who came to exchange information. I see that there is a whole network that has formed by my side”, he says.

Guta turns 50 in September and says he has to “celebrate” his birthday a lot.

“Being 50 is scary because of the natural side of our finiteness. In fact, because I believe in science, I am sure of this finitude. I know that the clock is ticking and that at one o’clock the candle goes out. off. But, I’ll tell you, I’m a lot better now than I’ve ever been before, age-wise. I definitely feel better. There’s a quiet side to it, you know? I want less of euphoria.

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