Nubank innovates and invests in the financial education of its customers

Nubank innovates and invests in the financial education of its customers

More news to come! Now, Nubank also offers financial education content through the app. Check!

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Thinking of clients who are or want to become investors, Nubank recently launched NuEnsina. This novelty is an educational program focused on financial organization and investment education, and has a partnership with B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

The program will have nine content modules, which will contain material in different formats, including video, text, practice tests, audio, among others. These courses will gradually be made available to Nubank customers.

NuEnsina’s content has been designed for those new to the investment world. The modules will cover topics such as financial organization, money-making alternatives and how to get started in the investment world. Fintech also plans to add more advanced materials, designed for those who already know more about the financial market.

How do I participate in Nubank’s financial education program?

For now, NuEnsina is only available to customers who have purchased a piece of Nubank, the NúSócios. The more than 7.5 million people who are part of this group can access financial education content in a very easy way.

In the Nubank app, go to the “Investments” category and then “My little piece of Nubank”. Finally, tap on the “Go to NuEnsina” option. Alright, now enjoy all the content available.

The first module of the program was called “Take control of your finances” and is now available for NúSócios. Starting in August, new content will be gradually added to the platform.

Nubank has not revealed the exact date when NuEnsina will be available to other customers, but it is expected that in the coming weeks it will be available to anyone with a NuConta.

In addition to access to content on financial organization and investments, students who complete all NuEnsina modules will receive a certificate of participation issued by the partnership between B3 and Nubank.

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