Nokia to relaunch three ‘bricked’ cellphones, leaks show

Nokia to relaunch three 'bricked' cellphones, leaks show

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Nokia 5710 could be revived

Nokia may soon re-release three older cellphone models, according to a leak. The information leaked on an Australian sales site and indicates that the three devices could soon return to the market.

Cell phones famous for enabling snake play are Nokia 5710 XA, Nokia 8210 4G and Nokia 2660 Flip, according to the Nokiamob portal. They bring fairly basic specs.

The Nokia 5710 XA, for example, was known to have a rotating keyboard, as you can see in the image above. Thus, it could activate other functions like the front camera and the media player.

According to the leak, it’s likely that cellphones will be revamped, with features like 4G support and slightly better cameras. Prices vary between R$430 and R$535, in direct conversion.

Nokia has not yet confirmed the information and therefore it is not possible to know if the cell phones will actually hit the market and when it might happen.

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