STJ organizes a seminar on relations between SUS and support foundations with university hospitals

STJ organizes a seminar on relations between SUS and support foundations with university hospitals

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) promoted, this Tuesday (21), the seminar The private sector in the Brazilian unified health system: the role of foundations in supporting teaching hospitals. Held in the auditorium of the Federal Council of Justice (CJF), the event also counted, in its organization, with the participation of the University of Santo Amaro (Unisa), the Zerbini Foundation, the Foundation and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP).

During the opening, the President of the STJ and the CJF, Minister Humberto Martins, highlighted the role of the Unified Health System (SUS) in guaranteeing the fundamental right to health in Brazil.​​​​​

Ministers Moura Ribeiro and Humberto Martins, President of the STJ, at the opening of the seminar.​ | Photo: Gustavo Lima/STJ

“The SUS is therefore an integrated health system, which serves the various services of low, medium and high complexity, with a unique information system which, every day, stands out for its capillarity and its ability to overcome adversity” , did he declare.

The seminar was scientifically coordinated by Minister STJ Moura Ribeiro, who underlined the importance of the debate regarding the dialogue between support foundations and university hospitals within the framework of the SUS. “We are talking about health care for people who need to live with dignity, under article 1, point III, of our Federal Constitution,” he stressed.

Also present at the opening, STJ Minister Paulo de Tarso Sanseverino drew attention to the potential for the evolution of health services in Brazil based on dialogue between the public and private systems. “The advances that are often made in the field of private medicine end up being transferred to public health,” he observed.

The opening of the meeting also took place in the presence of Councilor Richard Pae Kim, of the National Council of Justice (CNJ); the director-president of the USP School of Medicine Foundation, Arnaldo Hossepian Junior, and the dean of Unisa, Luciane Lúcio Pereira.

Debates on legal and institutional issues of SUS support foundations

With broadcast on the YouTube channel STJthe seminar aimed to present the most relevant themes around the legal and institutional relations linked to support foundations with university hospitals.

THE schedule of debates included presentations by ministers and experts in the field of health and law. In the first panel, STJ Minister Antonio Saldanha Palheiro addressed the legal considerations on the support foundation model. The second and last panel had as one of its debates the theme “The private sector in the SUS: Possibilities of improving the model of support foundation and its advantages”, addressed in a conference by Minister STJ Antonio Carlos Ferreira .

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