Volkswagen to cut wages by 12% from July

Volkswagen to cut wages by 12% from July

Faced with a shortage of auto parts and electronics for Volkswagen, the metalworkers’ union approved the plan. Know more!

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From July, Volkswagen will reduce wages by 12% and working hours for employees at the company’s main factory in Brazil, located in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), by 24%. The automaker has a workforce of around 8,200 workers on site, of which 4,500 work in production.

The information was released by the local metalworkers’ union which, given the lack of auto parts and electronics for the automaker, approved the plan. In May this year, workers at the same factory took a collective vacation for 20 days due to a lack of components.

The plan applied by Volkswagen will be evaluated monthly, according to the union

According to the company, the measure will be applied to the return from collective leave of 10 days for employees working in the production area, scheduled for the period from June 27 to July 7.

At g1, the union communicated that the plan will be evaluated monthly and that the end of the measure applied by the company will depend on the flow of supply of parts for the assembly of automobiles. The unit located in São Bernardo do Campo manufactures approximately 800 vehicles per day.

In addition, according to the general manager of the ABC metalworkers’ union, Wellington Damasceno, Volkswagen planned to suspend an optional production shift due to lack of supply.

“We negotiated the reduction in working time precisely because of the impact the decision would have. Not just for Volkswagen workers, but for the entire production chain, especially for third-party workers,” Damasceno explained, in a statement.

Ebanx: the Brazilian fintech announces the layoff of 20% of its employees

Another company that was forced to change personnel was Ebanx. The company announced the dismissal of 20% of its employees. The Brazilian payment solutions fintech, which had 1,700 employees, laid off 340 workers.

The closures are part of a restructuring plan, with some internal projects being scrapped. Fintech points out that the decision was made based on the current scenario of the technology market, which is deeply and rapidly impacted by the macroeconomic environment.

Ebanx is not the first nor the only company to announce adjustments as part of a plan to mitigate the current macroeconomic scenario, which is affecting the whole world. Quinto Andar, Facily, Loft, Mercado Bitcoin and other institutions have already announced layoffs of hundreds of employees from various sectors.

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Image: MDart10/Shutterstock

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