Income tax refund: view the payment schedule

Income tax refund: view the payment schedule

Also learn how to check your refund bundle.

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This year, there will be five income tax refund batches, paid between May and September, and the payment order rule is the same as in 2021: the earlier the return is issued, the earlier the taxpayer receives the refund, if there is no value to be received.

On the other hand, the one who receives last has a greater correction. Refund amounts earn according to the Selic rate, and the longer it takes for that money to arrive in your account, the greater the earnings. The IRS has already said that the amounts paid will be adjusted by 1% by the Selic, currently at 13.25% per year.

2022 income tax refund schedule

See the 2022 Income Tax Refund Schedule below:

Batch payday
1st 05/31
2nd 06/30
3rd 07/29
4th 08/31
5th 09/30
Source: Federal Revenue

How do I know which refund batch I am on?

To find out if you will receive the refund in a certain batch, simply make the request, which is published by the Federal Revenue one week before the payment.

The consultation of the 2nd refund batch should be available this Thursday (23), a week before the deposit.

To check when you will receive the income tax refund, the taxpayer must access the Meu Imposto de Renda website and in the list of services click on “Consult the refund”. For the simple request, simply access this link and fill in the CPF, year of declaration (2022) and date of birth.

Refund via Pix

New this year is that it is now possible to receive income tax refunds via Pix. The taxpayer can enter his Pix CPF key and receive the amount on the account linked to the document.

An important detail is that only the keys related to the CPF of the taxpayer are valid. The tax authorities also warn that it is not possible to collect the amount of the reimbursement from a third-party account, nor from the taxpayer’s salary account.

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