Big banks focus entirely on the gaming audience

Big banks focus entirely on the gaming audience

More and more, the gambling market is gaining momentum. Last year, the global video game industry generated $192.7 billion, according to data from consultancy Newgzoo. Amid this impact, the audience of players he comes draw attention competent institutions such as the big banks.

The big banks are entirely focused on the gaming audience (Image: Montage/FDR)

In the coming years, the gamer market should continue to grow. The movement is estimated to top $200 billion this year. Faced with this growing community, the big banks are also attentive to player financial requirementsas determined by value.

The main availabilities of these banks are lines of credit and consortia for the purchase of “gamer setup”. Also note the cashback offer on purchases made in partner stores.

It should be noted that Brazil represents a considerable share in the activity of the gaming industry. The country occupies the tenth position in the world ranking of revenue generated by digital games, with 92.4 million players.

The big banks offer offers to the gaming public

Among the major banks in the country, one of the main innovations has been the availability of digital banking Player’s Bank, Itau. With this launch, the bank aims to compete with fintechs for young audiences.

At Valor, Itaú’s marketing director, Guilhermo Bressane, informs that the institution has always sought to position itself strongly in the digital field — so that the market always remains relevant.

O Bank of Brazil has the website “We are in this game together”. The platform provides sponsorship information to esports teams. There is also a financial services disclosure for the gaming community.

Within the BB Consortium, specific elements have been included. There is a planned purchase option, with special pricing conditions.

O Santander has a hotsite with a language and aesthetic aimed at this audience. Players, in addition to having a digital account and a credit card with no annual fee, can have a consortium line for the purchase of the player configuration.

Santander’s benefits program, Esfera, allows players to accumulate points and purchase Free Fire coins to use in-game.

O Bradesco, currently, within Bradesco Prime, has a partnership with the Hype Games store. In this limited time offer, those interested can benefit from a discount on a selection of games.

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