Child dies, family accuses hospital of neglect

Child dies, family accuses hospital of neglect

A cheerful girl, very intelligent, studious and not sick. This is how Helena Dias Sabino, 8, who died on October 20, is defined by her parents.

The mother, Rhaisa Cristina Dias Machado, 30, and the father, Renan Luiz Sabino, 35, accuse the Hospital Infantil e Maternidade Alzir Bernardino Alves (Himaba), in Vila Velha, of negligence.

“She was already treating an earache. On the morning of the 13th, she woke up screaming with pain in her head. We took it to Himaba and they said they wouldn’t help us without a referral,” Rhaisa said.

Rhaisa Cristina Dias Machado with her daughter Helena, 8.

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The parents then went to the emergency room in Glória, where the girl was treated and taken to hospital.

“At the hospital around 11am the doctor responded and said the ear was not the problem. He ordered blood tests, which were ready around 6 p.m. At that time, my daughter had a bout of vomiting and very strong pain, ”says the mother.

During the period, a doctor, after performing a CT scan in São Luiz Hospital and an electroencephalogram in Himaba, identified the need for the child to be consulted by a neurologist, on the 14th (Friday), according to Rhaisa .

According to the parents, they were informed that the hospital would not have a neurologist on call and that the specialist would only come to the unit on Mondays (17).

“There was a neurologist on duty at the Hospital Infantil de Vitória and they said I could take it myself. Only in his situation I decided not to take it on my own.

From Saturday (15) to Sunday (16), Helena had three seizures and fell into a coma, being taken to intensive care. It was not until Monday that a neurologist arrived at the hospital, according to the parents.

They say at that time they were informed that the team was waiting for the child to have clinical improvement, as there was a vacancy at the Vitória Children’s Hospital. But the image progressed to brain death protocol, with death confirmed on the 20th.

INTERVIEW WITH PARENTS ?? Rhaisa Cristina Dias Machado and Luiz Sabino

“A neuro would have saved our daughter”

Rhaisa Cristina Dias Machado and Renan Luiz Sabino, parents of daughter Helena Dias Sabino, 8, spoke with the journalist from The Tribune??

The Tribune – When did Helena start to feel bad?

mother – She had the first symptoms of headaches at home and was taken to Gloria’s emergency room. She was seen and diagnosed with an inflammation of the right ear. They gave her an injection and antibiotics to continue taking at home.

?? And what happened next?

mother – At the hospital, around 11 a.m., the doctor answered and said that the ear was not the problem. Then she underwent a series of tests, such as blood, tomography, performed at São Luiz Hospital, electroencephalogram, meningitis test, which came back negative.

?? And how did she feel?

mother – I had bouts of vomiting and very strong pain. On the 15th, she just moaned in pain. Even medicated, she did not sleep. I called the teams every 20 minutes.

?? What was the diagnosis at the hospital?

mother – On Friday the 14th, after the CT and EKG, the doctor said our daughter needed to be evaluated by a neurologist. And it was not until Monday, when she had already had three seizures, that a neurologist arrived at the hospital.

father – At the DML they did the autopsy and gave me the paper to do the death certificate. It was cerebral edema, cavernous sinus thrombosis, caused by sinusitis. It is very rare for this development to occur, but if a neurologist had evaluated the exams, he could have seen and saved our daughter.

The other side

The hospital claims to have provided the necessary assistance

In a note, the management of Himaba informed that they regretted what had happened and that Helena Dias Sabino had been admitted to the establishment with complaints of headaches, and the mother said that the child was being treated for an ear infection.

“During the physical examination, however, the Himaba doctor did not diagnose an ear infection, but found that the child was unwell, leaving her under observation and carrying out several laboratory tests, CSF, MRI and angioresonance with contrast, noting normality,” reads the text.

The hospital reports that Helena received all the necessary medical assistance, including the neurological evaluation described Monday, “which did not change the prognosis, as all the examinations of the neurological part were normal”, according to the hospital. .

The note indicates that the child’s condition evolved rapidly and unexpectedly.

“The establishment is awaiting the official autopsy report and makes itself available to the family for further clarifications, in particular access to the patient’s medical file”, informs the text.

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