Discover 10 problems that can affect sedentary seniors

Discover 10 problems that can affect sedentary seniors

Doctors have been recommending for some time that people abandon their sedentary lifestyle and practice physical activity, regardless of age group. At the elderlythe instructions are all the more important as the muscular capacity tends to decrease as one reaches a certain age.

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With the arrival of the new coronavirus pandemic, at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the elderly were considered to be one of the groups at risk. In this way, doctors have adopted guidelines so that they stay at home to reduce the risk of contagion.

It is understood that the measure was extremely necessary in relation to Covid-19. On the other hand, the lack of activities can harm the health of older people over time.

Problems in sedentary older people

In today’s content, we will mention the 10 common problems in the elderly sedentary🇧🇷 Check:

1. Decline in immunity: the habit of staying at home is very harmful to immunity, which slows healing even after a minor cold.

2. Organs with dysfunction: certain organs, such as the heart and lungs, can be damaged by bodily inactivity.

3. Weight gain: due to the fact that the body does not expend energy, the tendency to gain weight is great, especially considering the slowing down of the metabolism.

4. Absence of vitamin D: lack of sun exposure causes the body to not produce the adequate amount of vitamin D for proper functioning.

5. Psychological problems: by not having social relations, the elderly can develop certain disorders such as depression.

6. Lack of mobility: the practice of the exercises is totally linked to mobility. Moving the body regularly is generally conducive to a stronger system.

7. Dependencies: the lack of movement can lead older people to become dependent on alcoholic beverages or medications to treat problems such as insomnia and anxiety.

8. Insomnia: As mentioned above, sleep difficulties often arise due to lack of routine being a habit that impairs regulated sleep.

9. Cognitive difficulties: although they have access to the internet and other types of communication, the lack of contact with others outside the home environment can be bad for their mental health.

10. Commitment to independence: the combination of some of the factors mentioned in this list, both physical and mental, can generate more dependency for older people, making it necessary to rely on other people to perform activities.

Thus, it is essential that the elderly have a good functioning of the body in general, both for the physical and psychological aspects.

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