Extra money: your R$1 coin can be exchanged for R$7,000

Extra money: your R$1 coin can be exchanged for R$7,000

You numismatists, banknote collectors, have increasingly moved the rare banknote market. Currently, professionals are looking for several objects considered rare, such as the BRL 1.

The R$1 banknote circulated in the national market between 1994 and 2005, however, it was replaced by the house of parts. Nowadays, it is common to find the value stamped on a piece of metal.

After it ceased to circulate and its appearance became increasingly difficult, the R$1 note was considered rare and became highly valued. However, it should be noted that this is not just any ballot. According to the information, there are certain criteria for the item to be sold in the market.

Also, according to the Social and Dissemination Director of the Brazilian Numismatic Society (SNB), Bruno Pellizari, the note or coin must be in a good state of preservation, given the existence of others who, because they are less worn, may be worth Suite.

A R$1 note that can be worth a lot of money

THE Rare R$1 note sought after by collectors is green and has the design of the Efigie da República and a hummingbird. However, I still need you to have the letters BA on your serial folder.

In addition, the ballot must bear the signature of Pedro S. Malan and Gustavo JL Loyola. Coins with these characteristics are part of the series from 0001 to 0072. Today, the item can be sold for R$275.

1 BRL coin can be worth 7 THOUSAND BRL

Collectors are increasingly moving the market for rare notes in the country. Numismatists are currently on the lookout for specific R$1 coins. These coins are considered rare due to their unique details and because they are difficult to access as they are no longer in circulation.

According to collectors, the R$1 note issued by the central bank for the Rio 2016 Olympics is one of the most sought after today. Its value can reach up to R$7,000.

As already mentioned, the most sought-after R$1 coin is the one created by the Central Bank in 2016, in honor of the Olympic Games in the country. However, according to reports, the rarest real 1 coin is the delivery of the flag, which was issued to honor the passing of the London Olympics in 2012.

Rare banknote collectors claim that the R$1 coin created in honor of the 2016 Olympics can currently be worth R$7,000.

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