Fans are angered by Claudia Leitte: ‘I’ve never seen a believer lie so much’

Fans are angered by Claudia Leitte: 'I've never seen a believer lie so much'

Reading/Instagram – 28/10/2022

Claudia Leitte

After a troubled period in 2022, singer Claudia Leitte is still in conflict with some of her fans. This Saturday (14), Internet users revolted with the singer’s promises regarding Carnival 2023, which marks the return of the party to the streets of Salvador (BA) after three years.

According to fans, Claudia Leitte is lying when she announces that she will be posting news, music for Momesca celebrations and innovations. For Axé Music artists, the Carnival period in Salvador is considered the “World Cup”, but for Claudia fans, it looks like a kind of “State Championship”.

“Why are you lying? Less than a month before Carnival and we have absolutely NOTHING,” one fan complained. “I don’t know if she’s a liar because she likes it, or because she’s too dreamy, or lazy enough to abandon her plans,” another mused.

“She said the same thing about 2022. She said it would be a year of parties! We had a prainha spread over months, a strange music video (sukin) and its biggest cancellation. When she promises nothing, so much the better. , no ? 2017, 2016, 2020…”, underlined another.

Claudia Leitte returns to the Carnival of Salvador with one more day at the block: she starts parading with the Block Largadinho on Sunday and Tuesday. Before, on Friday, Claudia orders the block Blow Out. All parades take place on the Barra-Ondina circuit. It is possible that the singer will perform in a “popcorn” on the Avenida circuit.

Despite the increase in the number of days at the party, there seems to be a lack of excitement with the content of the celebrations. “Bolo doido”, feat with Ivete Sangalo, did not receive an official music video and appears on YouTube with a lyric video. Fans have been expecting a possible DVD to celebrate Claudia’s 20-year career, but it hasn’t happened yet.

“I have never seen a believer lie so much,” complained a user. “I have never seen a singer so lying, not even betting that she has yet recorded a clip”, completed another. “Woman, spin gospel soon,” one fan asked.

Among the complaints, a group of fans even asked Claudia Leitte not to release the track “Nave Mãe”, because they thought it would be a failure. “It won’t work. We want ‘Dangerous’ 2.0,” he asked. “By the way, we will only have the will!” Lamented another fan.

iG Gente asked Claudia Leitte for advice on the singer’s next releases, the possibility of recording a DVD, the choice of Carnival music and the agenda. There was no response at the time of the note’s publication.

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