McDonald’s no longer sells ice cream in Brazil and you NEED to know

McDonald's no longer sells ice cream in Brazil and you NEED to know

Few people know this, but McDonald’s took the traditional ice cream off the menu, which did not please the Brazilians who noticed it. Every store in the fast food chain changed the item and replaced it with an almost identical dessert. Are you one of those who noticed the change? Understand the real reason for the exchange.

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Only the biggest fans of the Ice cream of the famous “méqui”, is that they were really saddened by the news, because the exchange was so imperceptible that the majority did not even realize it. If you were saddened by the news, know that the truth is, you don’t even have to worry that much! Little has changed.

New dessert at McDonald’s

Now it will simply be called dessert.

According to the network’s press office, the lineup is the same, so the change is just in the name. The modification guarantees the quality already known by customers of the fast food. The reason for the change was due to tax reasons. The network wants to get rid of the high taxes levied on ice cream.

This is because they are much more expensive than other products.

The charge was such that the tax reduced McDonald’s profits. Additionally, consumers complained about the value of the final product, which was too salty for the pocket, especially for drug addicts.

The name change strategy is to avoid taxes. On the McDonald’s site, for example, the product sheet indicates that the candy is a very crispy cone made from a vanilla-flavored milk drink.

This means that the word “ice cream” no longer appears and has been replaced by “dessert”. The same applies, for example, to other items such as milkshakes. Now with the new cold mass, what the network expects is to reduce the collection of royalties and also to guarantee food at a more affordable price.

The fees levied on the dessert include the Tax on the Circulation of Free Goods (ICMS), as well as the Social Integration Program (PIS) for labor matters, as well as the Tax on Industrial Products (IPI).

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