Monique Evans’ Girlfriend Faces Criticism After Wearing Suit to Wedding Ceremony: ‘How Ridiculous’

Monique Evans' Girlfriend Faces Criticism After Wearing Suit to Wedding Ceremony: 'How Ridiculous'


Cacá Werneck was also defended by some Monique fans

Photo: Instagram/Monique Evans
Photo: Instagram/Monique Evans

Barbara Evansdaughter of Monique Evansmarried businessman Gustavo Theodoro in Itatiba, inside São Paulo. Friends and family posted several photos from the ceremony. However, one scene was highly criticized by Internet users on social networks: the gaze of Caca Werneckgirlfriend of Monica🇧🇷 Hunt went in costume and received reviews from around the web.

Among the negative posts, many netizens said the suit didn’t look good on Hunt: “Guys, I have no prejudice, I’m cool, but I thought this costume was not necessary”, said a user. “Sounds like a quarterback walking,” said another. “That costume on his girlfriend was awful Monica“, Criticized a third. “How ridiculous and you could see people were looking at the two with a face of rejection,” another wrote.

Also on the web, some Internet users have come to the defense of the couple: “Each has their own tastes. If she wanted to wear a costume, that’s her problem. Take care of your lives”, defended an Internet user. “I didn’t see anything special. Everyone chooses how they want to go out. The important thing is to feel good,” said another. “It’s normal. I’ve seen it happen in my city and it’s even common,” commented a user.

Monica and Hunt – who have yet to respond to criticism – have been together since September 2014. This year, the former model said she plans to wed in 2023. Caca Werneck started her career as a DJ and music producer in 2007. She rose to national fame after appearing on the reality show The farmin 2012.

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