Neymar talks about ‘World Cup full of surprises’, list of favorites for the title and ‘forgets’ a giant; see which one

Neymar talks about 'World Cup full of surprises', list of favorites for the title and 'forgets' a giant;  see which one

The Brazilian star says he is confident, but denies any pressure for the title: “In my career, I have achieved things beyond my imagination”

great name of Brazilian team in recent years, but still looking for his first title of world CupNeymar is excited for the 2022 editionin Qatar, in a few days.

The Brazilian star, who for the third consecutive World Cup will wear the number 10 jersey of the national teamgave a long interview to The Telegraph and said he was aware of the responsibility he has in his possible last Cup of his career.

??The world cup is my biggest dream?? It’s been like that since I understood what football was. Now I have another chance, so I hope to have it,” he started, admitting that Brazil were among the favourites.

“The Cup is always full of surprises. You see teams that go very far unexpectedly, although many don’t believe it. But I think the favorites are Argentina, Germany, Spain and France?? I think these four, as well as the Brazilhave all the conditions to reach the final.”

As the interview was for an English newspaper, Neymar was then asked if he ruled out England: “I really forgot England, but obviously they have a chance. I like (Harry) Kane and (Jadon) Sancho. They are two incredible players and I have a special affection for them,” he said, quoting Sancho, an athlete who hasn’t even been called up for the Cup.

Among the teams identified as the strongest by Neymar are Argentina, owned by Lionel Messi, and France, owned by Kylian Mbappé, the Brazilian’s teammates at Paris Saint-Germain. And he jokes with his colleagues that he is the one who will win in Qatar“We haven’t talked a lot about it, but we sometimes joke about meeting in the final. I tell Messi that I will be champion and beat it and have a good laugh. Playing with him and Kylian is a huge pleasure. They are two big names, but Messi is for me the best in the world. Kylian is a young player who has grown and shown his potential and still has a lot to do. It’s always good to play alongside the greats, I’ve always preferred that because the chances of winning are greater.”

With 75 goals in 121 appearances for the national team, Neymar is just two points away from Pele’s record as Brazil’s all-time top scorer?? He is expected to top that mark in Qatar. But would this mark be incomplete if he did not obtain the World Cup title he dreamed of? “Nope. In my career I have achieved things beyond my imagination?? So if I ended my career today, I would still be the happiest person in the world.”

The owner of the most famous shirt in the world

In the world of football from an early age, Neymar was very much enchanted by the sport because of the World Cups: “In 2002, I watched it with my father and my family when Brazil won. It was the first Cup that I really followed. In 1994, I only watched videos, but I still enjoyed certain moments of Romário, which I have always liked very much. I have a lot of idols, a lot of references: Pelé, of course, Ronaldo, Romário, Kaká, Ronaldinho Gaúcho. These are my favourites.??

Like three of those players, Neymar wears Brazil’s number 10 shirt, having started his national team career with number 11, when he made his debut aged just 18. Despite wearing the most famous shirt in football, Neymar doesn’t think it’s an extra burden for him: “I don’t feel rushed, quite the contrary. I am happy to be able to wear the number 10 shirt of the Brazilian national team and make history. It is a great pride and an honor to be part of the group of players who have worn it and I am only delighted.“, ended.

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