No worries: Nubank launches a novelty that promises to please customers

No worries: Nubank launches a novelty that promises to please customers

O Nubank decided to seek a solution following reports of numerous reports of customers who had their digital banking application hacked after being burglarized or stolen. The company decided to offer more protection and avoid further harm to its users.

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The novelty announced at the end of November will protect the individual against fraudulent transactions after the theft of the smartphone. To ensure protection, the interested party must subscribe to Nubank Celular Seguro.

“The purpose of the feature is to provide more peace of mind if the person has their device stolen or goes through a threatening situation, where they are forced to transact from their Nubank account, using Pix and other types of transfers, such as loans and mobile recharge,” the bank explained.

All trips made within 24 hours of the incident will be fully covered by the company. Initially, only some of the customers will have access to the product.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers all fraudulent transactions made on the Nubank account, such as Pix, virtual card payments and transfers not recognized by the victim. According to the bank, money moved without the subscriber’s consent will be returned in full.

For Burke Deutsch, head of the company’s insurance sector, it is important to keep in mind that the damage “is not limited to the financial value and the mobile phone”. “We thought of a solution that would support our customers on these occasions, in line with Nubank’s priority of offering the best technological innovations and fulfilling the commitment to maintain security,” he said.

The digital protection offered by Nubank Celular Seguro is the result of a partnership with the North American insurance company Chubb.

The product has a grace period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Users can simulate a hire as many times as they want, until they find the option that suits their needs. To contract, access the “Seguro de Celular” option in the Nubank app.

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