Save your money: PlayStation 6 could be on the way!

Save your money: PlayStation 6 could be on the way!

Sony, with its wonderful devices, has made and still makes many people happy. Interacting with the world of games through PlayStation consoles has always offered a good experience. Over the years, video games and games got better, until we reached the PlayStation 6which could be close to the exit.

The origin

The first model was released in 1994, and since then several versions have appeared, including PlayStation 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each model had, in its time, projection to deliver gameplay that stood out, and that meant graphics improved. .and more and more developed games.

PlayStation is still in first place, due to the issue of online games. This allowed a lot of fun not only between “those at home”, but also with friends connected via the Internet.

The latest version, Playstation 5, was released in November 2020. But while many fans eagerly awaited all the novelties of the device, few realized that it had been exactly seven years since the predecessor, Playstation 4, was released. . Keep this information, because it will be important later!

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When will the Playstation 6 be released?

With the successful establishment of success among gamers around the world, Sony will introduce a brand new console. And as one can imagine, that may still take a while, as the company is pushing in on a 1.2 version of the PlayStation 5, which everyone is calling the “slim version.”

Rumors referring to the PlayStation 6 have gained even more evidence after the leak of a very relevant document, which relates to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, dealing specifically with the license of the game “Call of Duty” for the new console. .

Sony is already predicting a perfect time for the launch of the new device. And it is here that you will use the information that we mentioned earlier, because we will follow the reasoning that, every seven years, a new console is made available to consumers of the brand.

And it becomes even more real when we realize that, according to some news vehicles, 2027 will be the year chosen by the company to launch the PlayStation 6, with estimates for the month of November, since it is the month responsible of the completion of the seven-year cycle. We can only wait!

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