Your money safe at Nubank: the bank launches an interesting anti-theft function

Your money safe at Nubank: the bank launches an interesting anti-theft function

Nubank offers comprehensive mobile insurance with personalized coverage according to the needs of each customer interested in the service. Hiring is done through the digital banking app. A new security feature is in the testing phase.

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The tool was gradually made available to a greater number of customers. The proposal is to protect customers from fraudulent transactions after cell phones are stolen or stolen. The digital bank can return all the money to the customer. Understand how it will work.

Nubank mobile insurance

When subscribing to Nubank Celular Seguro through the digital banking app, customers choose the coverage they want and after 30 days the cell phone is protected.

Now, Nubank is testing yet another feature, which goes beyond device protection. The insurance covers fraudulent transactions carried out via the PIX, as well as via the virtual card and any other type of transfer that is not carried out by the account holder.

Among the criteria for receiving the money in full, Nubank guarantees coverage only in the first 24 hours after the device is stolen. Or until the account or card is blocked by users.

The new feature, according to Nubank, goes in the direction of maintaining the commitment to customer security. The idea of ​​the new service is to support people and reduce worries about damage caused by losing the mobile phone.

Before purchasing mobile phone insurance, interested parties can simulate the value of the service through the app. It is a good alternative to guarantee the protection of the device and not to extrapolate in the budget.

The price of the insurance takes into account the value of the device and also the coverage chosen by the customer. To activate the service in case of theft or theft, the contacts are: 0800 608 6236; email [email protected] or in the app.

How to get Nubank mobile insurance

Find out how to get insurance in step by step below:

  • Access the account;
  • Go to “Learn more”;
  • Select the option “Mobile insurance;
  • Enter the IMEI of your mobile phone;
  • Choose the type of coverage you want;
  • Click “Continue”;
  • Choose the payment method;
  • Tap on “Insurance contract”;
  • Enter password.

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