7 tips to manage (and less stress) medical bills [Boss Insurance]

7 Tips To Manage (And Less Stress) Medical Bills

Whether you’re undergoing tests and appointments for a new medical diagnosis, coping with the aftermath of an unexpected health condition, or managing a long-standing illness, the bills that arise from any of these scenarios can be stressful.

In the United States, where there are wide disparities between health care costs and payment processes depending on your insurance company, insurance plan, and provider, it can seem especially difficult to plan ahead. and manage health expenditures.

“Patients can leave their primary care provider’s office or a hospital thinking they’ve paid for all their expenses, only to receive an overwhelming number of residual medical bills from every provider involved in their care,” says Brandy Porche, a licensed professional counselor who provides marriage and family counseling in McKinney, Texas.

The difficult to predict nature of medical bills, coupled with the fact that their totals can range from hefty to crippling, creates a lot of financial stress.