Best Car Shipping To and From Medford (2023 Guide) [Boss Insurance]

Best Car Shipping To And From Medford (2023 Guide)

Other car transport companies in Medford

Although we’ve mentioned five well-known national car transport providers, there are also great options available regionally in Medford. Take a look below for an additional provider to consider in Oregon.

Coastal transport by car

Coastal Car Transport is headquartered in Burbank, California. Read more about this provider on the Coastal Car Transport website.

How much does car shipping to Medford cost?

The cost of shipping a car to or from Medford can vary depending on different things. The amount you will have to pay depends on factors such as the type of transport you choose.

If you are shipping your vehicle to another state from Medford, you will likely use an open or closed trailer. If you are considering which car shipping method suits your needs, see below for more details on the cost differences between open and closed car shipping for routes to and from Medford. Later in this article, we will provide a more detailed explanation of the differences between these options.

Medford Open Car Shipping Rates

Our data shows that the average cost to ship a car from Medford is $1,223 for open auto transport, 17% higher than the national average of $1,010. The cost data below and throughout this article was provided by one of our top national car shipping providers, SGT Auto Transport. See below for total cost estimates on popular sea routes for open car transportation to or from Medford:

Auto Shipping Route Total average cost
Medford to New York $1,599
Medford to Miami $1,399
Medford to Chicago $1,849
Medford to San Francisco $649
Medford to Los Angeles $619
New York to Medford $1,539
Miami to Medford $1,449
Chicago to Medford $1,349
San Francisco to Medford $599
Los Angeles to Medford $799

Self-shipping rates included in Medford

Although it provides better protection for your vehicle, closed auto shipping from Medford is typically around 40% more expensive than open auto shipping.

According to our data, the average cost to ship a car from Medford is $1,713 for closed carrier shipping, which is 22% higher than the national average. Below are the attached car shipping rates for popular routes to and from Medford:

Auto Shipping Route Total average cost
Medford to New York $2,239
Medford to Miami $1,959
Medford to Chicago $2,589
Medford to San Francisco $909
Medford to Los Angeles $869
New York to Medford $2,149
Miami to Medford $2,029
Chicago to Medford $1,889
San Francisco to Medford $839
Los Angeles to Medford $1,119

Medford Car Shipping Quote

Please keep in mind that the actual costs may differ from the previously mentioned figures. This is because quotes for shipping a car to or from Medford can be influenced by traffic patterns and the number of people who live there.

We encourage you to contact and collect online car shipping quotes from several reputable suppliers to find the best options and price for your needs. To find the best prices when getting quotes, choose open shipping, schedule your vehicle shipment in advance, and be prepared to work with different dates.

Factors That Affect Medford Car Shipping Costs

The car shipping industry in Medford is influenced by multiple factors that can alter the cost of shipping a car. The cost depends on the type of transport you select, where you want the car to be picked up and delivered, and other general factors.

  • Shipping distance: If you send your car far, you will pay less for each kilometer but more in total. For shorter distances, the cost for each mile will be higher but the overall price will be lower.
  • Gas prices: If the cost of fuel increases, the amount you have to pay for car transport services in Medford may increase, especially if you have chosen a long distance shipping service.
  • Vehicle type: If your vehicle is larger and heavier than most cars, such as a truck or SUV, the cost of shipping it to or from Medford will be higher.
  • Seasonality: Autoship services are in high demand in January and the summer months. This means that the cost of transporting cars to Medford will likely increase.
  • Vehicle condition: If your vehicle is not running and needs a forklift or winch to load onto the trailer, shipping charges will increase.
  • Route popularity: Using popular shipping routes may result in lower costs for you.

See more details on the key factors that can affect your Medford Auto Expedition fees below:

Open Vs. Closed Car Shipping Services in Medford

While open car carriers are the cheapest option in the auto transport industry, enclosed carriers are better for those looking to protect their vehicles from the elements. Here are the distinctions between the two auto shipping methods in Medford.

  • Transport of open cars: Open transport is the most common way to ship a car, and it is the best choice for shipping cheap cars. By using this method to save money, your vehicle could be exposed to the weather and also risk being hit by objects on the road. Open carrier shipping trailers can accommodate up to 10 vehicles at a time, with enclosed trailers only taking two or three.
  • Closed automatic transport: While it provides added protection from hazards such as road debris and weather, enclosed trailer transportation will cost more when shipping a car to Medford. This is because this way of shipping cars limits the number of cars that can be transported at one time. However, closed auto transport is a great option for shipping luxury cars or classic cars.

Note that when shipping a vehicle internationally, it may be possible to ship your car by ship, train or plane.

Choosing Medford Pickup and Delivery Locations

You will likely have the option of door-to-door services or terminal-to-terminal shipping when getting car transport quotes. Because Medford is less densely populated than the average US urban area, you’ll have an easier time with door-to-door shipping. This is especially true in the less dense areas of the city.

Keep in mind that door-to-door transportation may be easier to find in densely populated cities than in remote areas. If you live in a rural area outside of Medford and are looking to save money, you may want to consider terminal-to-terminal shipping if available.

What to expect when shipping a car to Medford

When shipping a car to or from Medford, there are various things in the city that can affect your vehicle shipping experience. City size and population, traffic patterns, and bad weather can all impact how your expedition experience goes. That is why it is important to know these factors in advance.

Medford receives 37.87 inches of rain annually, which is 4% more than the national average. This increases the chances of shipping delays, which increases the hassle of shipping a car to Medford.

By planning ahead and being adaptable during the shipping process, you can reduce some of the anxiety that can occur when transporting vehicles to Medford.

Shipping Cars to Medford: FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about shipping a car to or from Medford.