CT Tamburello blasts future ex-wife Lili Solares; claims she hides money and leads a secret life; Lili Responds (Exclusive Details About Their Divorce) – Ashley’s Reality Roundup [Boss Insurance]

Ct Tamburello Blasts Future Ex-Wife Lili Solares;  Claims She Hides Money And Leads A Secret Life;  Lili Responds (Exclusive Details About Their Divorce) - Ashley'S Reality Roundup
“Show Me The Money, Lili!”

CT TamburelloThe divorce from just went from bad to downright bitter.

The longtime star of The challenge took to Instagram Live on Wednesday night to directly address his soon-to-be ex-wife, Lili Solaresblaming her for allegedly living a “secret life” during their marriage, hiding money and finding a new guy to pay her bills.

As The Ashley Exclusively reported in December, Lili – who shares her son CJ with CT – is asking CT to pay her generously – with cash and goods! In court filings obtained by The Ashley, Lili demanded she be given exclusive use of the Florida home they once shared, a brand new Mercedes Benz truck, five types of child support and more.

(One of Lili’s more surprising requests came when she requested that she continue to be the beneficiary of CT’s life insurance policy – despite their divorce – so that CT could continue to pay the spousal support to Lilli even if he dies. In her latest Instagram video, CT addressed the life insurance situation.)

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At That Point, You Realize That You Cannot Escape These Payments Even If You Die…

The Ashleys can exclusively reveal that Lili asked a judge to force CT to sell the house they once shared so that Lili gets an equal share of the proceeds from the sale. The couple had attempted to go through mediation for their divorce, but a March 15 mediation report said Lili and CT were at an impasse and were unable to reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce.

Lili’s motion will be addressed in a Zoom hearing on April 26.

In December, Lili and CT had agreed that Lili would move out of the house they shared and move into a rental property (for which CT had to pay the $7,200 bond). CT would then have exclusive use of the house, after Lili removed her things.

In his now-deleted video, CT – who was the one who filed for divorce from Lili – said he was tired of “being dragged” by Lili. He continued to expose a lot of tea on Lili.

Here, The Ashley will try to break down everything that happened in the CT/Lili divorce drama over the past few weeks.

CT said in the Instagram Live video that he gave Lili everything she wanted during their marriage.

“I can honestly say that I gave you everything you asked for, including this divorce. Why am I being dragged? Defamation,” he said. “I’m supposed to say nothing or it will be used against [me] in the court? And that? What the fuck did I do?!”

CT also accused Lili of hiding money, which he says he discovered. He also claimed that Lili was in a relationship with a man who paid all her bills.

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“I’M Going To Light A Prayer Candle For Your New Darling.” Good Luck To Him !

“You lived a secret life… You hid money. Where is all your money? CT asked in the video. “You’re dating a fucking stripper from ‘Magic Mike’. And he’s the guy who paid all your bills for your new apartment now, because you don’t work. You don’t have a job. You don’t have a car because you almost killed yourself.

“The judge said no, you don’t get any more money, because you’re messing up,” he added.

CT also spoke about the failed mediation, telling Lili, “Whatever you want, take. Take it all. you asked for it [divorce]. No one stops you. Go away. Why are you still here?

CT then covered some of the other things Lili asked for (which The Ashley told you about in December), including the house, full custody of CJ, and the infamous life insurance policy requests.

“I didn’t even know I had life insurance!” said CT.

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“Good. Then You Won’T Even Miss It…”

Ashley can reveal that on Thursday (the same day CT posted her Instagram rant), Lili’s attorney served CT’s attorney with multiple subpoenas for financial and other institution financial records.

“The next thing I know I’m bleeding [money] for the next few months. I pay for everything,” CT said.

CT then told his followers how he found out that Lili would have made a lot more money than she had led everyone to believe.

As The Ashley previously reported, Lili claimed in early court documents that she was “without sufficient funds to support herself without” financial assistance from CT.

“The parties enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle in which the husband is more than
able to provide temporary support during the divorce process,” Lili said in her application for financial assistance. “The woman…does not have sufficient funds to meet her basic needs and will suffer serious harm if she does not receive temporary alimony.”

CT claims to have learned from the court mediator that Lili reportedly made $70,000 a year.

“The mediator was like, ‘Oh, she’s not getting child support because she’s making $70,000’ and I was like, ‘How much?!’ [He was like], ‘Oh you didn’t know?’ No I did not know ! She didn’t pay a fucking bill…where’s all the money?

“It was only when we received the financial statements [we had to submit] we realized that me and CJ were his secret life! CT continued.

CT then addressed the fact that he felt guilty because Lili allegedly did something similar to her ex-husband, who she was still with when she reunited with CT and became pregnant with him.

“What she does to me with this new guy [she’s allegedly with]is the same thing I did to her first husband,” CT said.

As The Ashley previously reported, Lili requested in January 2018 that the court confirm that CT was CJ’s father. This was necessary because Lili became pregnant with CT’s child while still married to her first husband. Her first marriage lasted from November 2013 to July 2015. Her first husband filed for divorce in May 2015, stating that their marriage had “broken down irretrievably”. He listed their separation date as March 2015.

Lili and CT’s son, CJ, was born in January 2016, about 9.5 months after Lili’s first husband claimed he and Lili had separated. It was eventually proven that CT is indeed CJ’s father.

CT seemed to be remorseful for being part of what happened to Lili’s first husband.

” I did not know. I really didn’t know. She told me her ex-fiancé was cheating on her. I didn’t know she was still married,” he said. “She was pregnant with my child while she was still married to him. Poor man.”

He then offered some advice to Lili’s alleged new boyfriend.

1681015771 913 Ct Tamburello Blasts Future Ex Wife Lili Solares Claims She Hides
“Bro, Make Like A Train And Choo-Choo Your Ass Out!”

“This guy right now, he’s doing the same thing. This guy probably thinks I’m the biggest piece of shit,” CT said. “He doesn’t know that my son says to me every day, ‘Dad, I wish I could live with you because it’s uncomfortable at Mom’s. “”

CT claimed that CJ told him that Lili wouldn’t let him out of his room when she had “friends” over.

“He knows he’s more than a friend. She does not work. She has no job. She doesn’t have a car,” CT said before suggesting that Lili’s new “guy” pays around $5,000 a month for Lili’s expenses.

“She doesn’t have a job. Do you have a random guy? CT continued.

CT went on to say that he believed Lili and her alleged new man had been building their relationship for a long time behind CT’s back, likely while he was away appearing on back-to-back seasons of “The Challenge.” (CT won the “Double Agents” season and the following season, “Spies, Lies & Allies” in 2021.)

“After cashing in twice, boom, I’m home now. I did everything I said I was going to do and I did it faster than I said I was going to do and more,” he said, before hinting that his “challenge” days may be behind him. “Now I’m gonna stay home and work on my sweatpants collection and be a stay-at-home dad…with salt and pepper hair [like] George Clooney or Sean Connery…it was jam. That’s what you asked for.

CT got emotional when he opened up about the demise of his marriage to Lili.

“Fight for me. I was tired of being the only one fighting for this,” he said. “…But that’s what you wanted. You wanted to kick me out the door and say that I left, because you were already living a secret life.

“You have a lot of nerve to tell me to be [a better parent] when you can’t even afford to put food on your table,” CT added.

Before CT deleted the video, Lili shared her own thoughts on what CT had said.

“You are officially crazy!” Lili wrote in a comment on the now deleted post. “The fact that you take the time to call me and try to be on the same page and then come here and play the victim after everything you’ve done. Then you say : “I would like you to come home already.”

“You’re so narcissistic. Keep trying whatever you want,” she continued. a child.

In addition to the Zoom hearing scheduled for later this month to discuss the sale of the house, CT and Lili are also scheduled to meet in court for a hearing to discuss Lili’s urgent request for financial assistance from CT. . That hearing is scheduled for June 8.

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(Pictures: MTV; Instagram)

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Ct Tamburello Blasts Future Ex Wife Lili Solares Claims She Hides