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Florida'S Best Pet Insurance In 2023 - Florida Insider

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If your pet gets sick or injured, a pet insurance policy can avoid costly trips to the vet. Accidents and medical care for many different illnesses are both covered by insurance. For your pet’s long-term medical needs, several insurers also offer optional wellness coverage.

Florida pet owners have a wide range of choices when it comes to getting coverage that meets their needs and budget while also providing for their canine companions.

Which Pet Insurance Provider in Florida is Best?

Spot Pet Insurance was ranked first in an analysis of Florida’s top pet insurance providers for 2023. Trupanion and Embrace tied for second with Lemonade in third. The ranking places Pets Best and Healthy Paws in a tie for fifth place.

Spot exclusively covers dogs and cats, as most insurers do. People who own exotic pets like birds and reptiles may want to look into the insurance provided by Nationwide, the #7 ranking company, as they offer coverage for exotic birds and animals. Horses are insured by ASPCA Pet Insurance, which is rated #8.

In addition to insurance that only covers accidents, Spot Pet Insurance also offers coverage that covers illnesses. Accident and sickness insurance policies pay for examination fees, treatment for various illnesses, and certain dental operations like emergency tooth extractions.

Accident-related surgeries, hospital stays, and veterinary visits due to ingesting objects or toxins are all covered under accident-only coverage. Additionally, it treats bites, stings, lacerations, and broken bones.

Customers using Spot can choose plans with unlimited annual coverage. Policies with predetermined coverage limits between $2,500 and $10,000 are also available.

Preventative care is not covered by standard company policies, however, there are add-ons available. The annual wellness coverage reimbursement for the Gold Preventive Care package is $250, while the Platinum Preventive Care package is $450.

After paying for their animal’s treatment at a recognized veterinarian, facility or specialist, Spot policyholders can submit a claim online to receive reimbursement from the insurer. The company’s website can be used to complete the complaints procedure.

To learn more, see the ranking of the best pet insurers in 2023.

Can I get Spot pet insurance right away?

Before coverage begins, there is a 14-day waiting period with Spot. Pre-existing conditions are considered as such and are not covered if they develop within the applicable waiting period.

What is excluded with Spot Pet Insurance?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by point plans. Conditions that develop during the policy waiting period and daycare/boarding school are further exclusions. The company’s basic plans don’t cover preventative care, but two levels of wellness coverage are offered as add-ons.

Best Pet Insurance Companies in Florida

#1 Place
#2 Lemonade
#3 Trupanion
#3 Embrace
#5 Best Pets
#5 Healthy paws
#7 At national scale
#8 ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
#9 Fig
#9 Pick up by the Dodo

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