How to Find Cheap Fares (2023) [Boss Insurance]

How To Find Cheap Fares (2023)

*These ratings are based on a larger study, but providers are ranked based on their performance with teen car insurance. Rate estimates are based on a 24 year old driver profile.

Remember, the easiest way to find great car insurance for teens is to compare car insurance quotes from several suppliers at the same time. By doing so, you’ll find out which options meet your cost and coverage requirements.

#1 State Farm: most popular supplier

JD Power boasts a satisfaction rating: 892/1000
AM Best financial strength rating: A++
Rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB): A
Telematics programs: Drive safely and saveavoid®

State Farm is one of the few providers to offer car insurance rate estimates for teens that average less than $2,000 per year. The company also offers various savings opportunities specifically aimed at young drivers, such as a good student discount that rewards those who maintain good grades. And if you have a student at school without their vehicle, you may qualify for a discount on the policy.

State Farm also offers a telematics program aimed specifically at drivers under 25. In addition to monitoring driving habits, the Steer Clear program offers driver education and certifications that can qualify teen drivers for lower rates.

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#2 Geico: Editor’s Choice

JD Power boasts a satisfaction rating: 881/1000
AM Best Financial Strength Score: A++
BBB rating: A+
Telematics program: DriveEasy

Geico offers some of the lowest average rate estimates in the industry on auto insurance for teens. In addition to its low prices, the company offers a good student discount that can help young drivers pay even less.

Teen drivers can also take advantage of Geico’s Defensive Driving Discount, which reduces rates after completing an approved safe driving course. While this discount is available to drivers of all ages, it’s especially great for teens who might benefit from some extra instruction.

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#3 USAA: Low fares for the military

JD Power boasts a satisfaction rating: 909/1000
AM Best Financial Strength Score: A++
BBB rating: A+
Telematics program: SafePilot®

According to our data, the USAA offers the lowest average car insurance estimates for teen drivers. USAA also offers discounts aimed at young drivers, such as savings for good students and a discount for defensive driving.

You must either be a member of the military or be a family member of a member to qualify for USAA auto coverage, so not everyone is eligible. If you qualify, you may be able to find the lowest possible rates on USAA teen driver car insurance.

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#4 Progressive: Low rates for high-risk drivers

JD Power boasts a satisfaction rating: 862/1000
AM Best Financial Strength Score: A+
BBB rating: Unclassified
Telematics program: Snap ®

Progressive has targeted its plans at high-risk drivers for decades. While the company already offers reasonable rates for young drivers, it’s an especially good choice for teenage drivers with at-fault travel violations or accidents on their driving record.

Progressive also offers specific discounts for young drivers who have been insured for at least one year. Combining this savings opportunity with the company’s good student discount can go a long way in finding affordable car insurance for teens.

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#5 Travelers: most coverage options

JD Power boasts a satisfaction rating: 871/1000
AM Best Financial Strength Score: A++
BBB rating: A
Telematics program: IntelliDrive®

Another provider that offers cost-effective auto insurance for teens is Travelers. With discounts for keeping good grades, taking driving lessons and being in school, Travelers coverage can be reasonably affordable.

Although your young driver will hopefully not have to deal with a car accident, Travelers offers policies that help maintain reasonable coverage in the event of an accident. The company’s accident forgiveness and new car replacement programs can be valuable coverage supplements for high-risk teens.

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