I’m a dog expert – here are the breeds you shouldn’t buy because they grow the most [Boss Insurance]

I'M A Dog Expert - Here Are The Breeds You Shouldn'T Buy Because They Grow The Most

DOG experts have revealed the breeds that grow the most from puppyhood – with some growing by 900%.

Doggie lovers may get gooey over this adorable little ball of fluff, but things can change drastically when this cute pup becomes a full grown adult.

Labradoodles can see their weight increase by 900%, according to a studyCredit: Getty
Labrador Retrievers see their weight increase by around 700%Credit: Getty

Sixty of the UK’s most popular and common dog breeds were measured at eight weeks of age and then at one year of age in research conducted by Petplan.

The breed that gained the most weight was Labradoodles, which grew by 900% from puppy to adult status.

Labrador Retrievers and Rottweilers weren’t too far behind, with their bodies altering by 700% and 692%, respectively, over the same period.

The research comes as pet centers across the UK are overflowing with abandoned cats and dogs.

Repatriation centers say the current cost-of-living crisis has made the situation worse as cash-strapped Britons seek to save money by putting their pets back in numbers not seen since the 2008 crash.

For this reason, the experts at Petplan believe it’s essential that people know how much money and effort, as well as space, is needed for certain breeds.

Kennel Club dog trainer Joe Nutkins says large dogs can cost up to 50% more than small breeds when it comes to leashes, collars and other essentials.

Joe told MailOnline: ‘When choosing your breed type of puppy or young dog it is important to remember that they will have varying needs.

“A small dog will have the lowest costs because there are fewer materials for collars, beds, or coats, fewer medications needed per dose, and less daily food intake for meals and treats.

“A larger dog could have 50% more on the costs of the same items, so it’s worth keeping that in mind when choosing your next puppy or adult dog.”

The dog breeds that have increased their weight the most

Labradoodle 900%
Labrador retriever 700%
Rotweiler 692%
Greyhound 650%
Pug 600%
Border Collies 600%
golden retriever 580%
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 550%
Newfoundland 547%
Great Dane 533%

While dogs like Labradoodles may be a handful when they become adults, on the other end of the scale some breeds don’t grow as much as they age.

Mini Cavapoos, a cross of Mini Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, increases its weight by only 50% from eight weeks to one year.

A Chihuahua’s weight increases by 100%, while a Staffordshire Bull Terrier increases its weight by 118%.

The dog breeds that have grown the most

English Springer Spaniel 317%
golden retriever 267%
Weimaraner 257%
Doberman Pinscher 243%
Boxer 243%
St. Bernard 225%
Greyhound 225%
Bernese Mountain Dog 225%
German Shepherd 214%
Yorkshire Terrier 200%

Mr. Nutkins also stressed the importance that pet owners should be aware that costs and exercise needs are also influenced by other needs.

He told the outlet: “Fitness levels differ with each dog, based on a dog’s breed type rather than size. A Jack Russell Terrier is likely to be more active for longer periods of time than a Greyhound or Mastiff breed.

Mr Nutkins added that while it’s free to take your dog for a walk or play games with him at home, people should also consider other costs you may have to pay, such as having a dog walker, paying for dog training lessons, or even hiring secure ground.

Petplan’s research used data from The Kennel Club and HelloBark as well as the pet insurance company’s own professional sources.

The study only looked at male puppies and grown adults and excluded bitches.

Experts have also looked at height changes, which can also impact the cost of bedding and other pet essentials.

English Springer Spaniels have been seen to grow more than three times as much as when they were puppies, while Golden Retrievers grow by 267%.

Border Collies, however, only increased by 13%, while Pugs increased by 25% and Poodles by 50%.

Mr Nutkins said: “If you are considering bringing a dog into your family, spend some time researching the types of breeds you are interested in to get an idea of ​​how big a puppy or how big a dog should be. safety.”

It has been found that a pug’s size only increases by 25% from puppy to adult status.Credit: Getty