LivWell Insurance launches One Health in Vietnam [Boss Insurance]

Livwell Insurance Launches One Health In Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LivWell Asia, a leading insurtech in Vietnam, proudly announces the successful launch of One Health, a comprehensive and affordable employee health insurance solution for SMEs and startups. Since its launch in May 2023the solution has gained considerable popularity with more than 200 employees signing up and forecasting more than 1,000 organizations by the end of 2024.

One Health offers corporate health insurance combined with highly sought-after benefits such as gym membership, telemedicine and nutrition services at competitive prices, making it affordable for micro-SMEs and small businesses. startups with guaranteed bonuses without any initial medical underwriting.

Enabling access to benefits typically exclusive to large corporations to SMBs, startups and entrepreneurs, One Health simplifies corporate benefits management by merging various providers into a single platform. It is a great health app with insurance, financial services and health offers tailored to each user.

Pedro BalizaCEO of LivWell Vietnam, said, “LivWell creates a wellness ecosystem that keeps people engaged in their health. The pricing structure is clear and transparent using health data over time to provide a personalized quote based on the individual’s health behaviors.

One Health allows for the redemption of points earned by tracking employee milestones in exchange for rewards, bidding on unique items, and donating or redeeming for cash value. To realize this vision, the company recently partnered with from vietnam 9Pay Electronic Wallet.

This innovative approach has earned LivWell the Top 50 Insurtech in APAC by ITC Asia and Sonr.

Looking ahead, LivWell is working to launch a range of unique insurance products, including a health and wellness credit card, and to establish strategic partnerships with marquee sporting events this year.

LivWell is strategically strengthening its position in the market by applying for a full insurance license in India. This decision aims to allow LivWell to offer complete protection and well-being solutions in India.

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About LivWell Holdings:

LivWell Asia is a leading Insurtech that creates innovative health and protection solutions for individuals and businesses in VietnamAnd so on India. Since its inception in 2020, it has attracted over 160,000 active users and issued over 51,000 policies. The company has formed strategic partnerships with Allianz Partners, California Fitness and Yoga Centers and Pebble in India.

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